Toddler Bed Or Twin Bed

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bradylove - March 15

I just bought ds a toddler bed and now I'm wondering if it was a mistake and if we should have just gone straight to a twin bed.... any of you have opinions on this?


Renea - March 15

Personally, I think it just depends on your living situation. My first and second children went to toddler beds. Now that there are a third and fourth child, the rooms are a little more crowded, so the 3 year old went straight to a twin (bunk beds) and my ds will do the same when he gets to be older.


Kristin11 - March 15

I have a convertable crib for my dd but i was given a twin bed by a friend that was moving out of state and never converted the crib. The twin bed is great because i wont have to upgrade for many years to come. I am not sure how long a toddler bed lasts honestly. We still have the crib though and will be using it with our son who will be here soon and i plan on converting it to a toddler bed.


Renea - March 15

Sorry--hit submit before continuing with my thoughts. I think too it depends on your child. My 2nd child would have freaked out if I put him straight in a twin bed. My 3rd child was so ready to get out of the crib (she was a climber) so the twin was a good match for her.


sahmof3 - March 15

My older two went straight to regular beds... because that's what we already had. My oldest has a twin bed and my spoiled princess... I mean, daughter... has a queen-sized bed (my grandparents sold a summer home of theirs and noone else wanted the beds, so we stock-piled LOL). But now that we are out of beds we have a toddler bed that our neighbor gave us, but I think Justin will outgrow it soon because I realized that it is the same size as a crib... it takes a crib mattress!!... so we're going to have to buy a new twin bed anyway in the end!


luviduvi - March 15

We have a convertible todd. bed. So far, its great. Grace never had to get used to a "new" bed b/c it WAS her bed and she thought it was neat. Somebody told us b4 the switch to invest in a double bed b/c you end up sleeping w/ your lo's anyway. As they get older and the aware of the world around them they become more scared. So far, Grace hasn't sleep w/ us and we haven't sleep on her floor.



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