Toddler Masturbation

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HEATHER - January 30

wondering if any of your toddlers are starting it? My dd started grinding in her highchair and carseat around 9 months and hasnt stopped since and it is beyond annoying! Im looking for someone who shares my issue...I know its common, but seems like noone talks about it.


Hana - January 30

eeek i can imagine how uncomfortable it may feel to witness that coz who wants to s_xualise toddlers, but ya know what its sooo common. I remember my cousin humping things and would seriously embara__s his mother lol He obviously grew out of it. Toddlers are humans with genitals and they are discovering different sensations and how pleasurable certain ones feels... to be honest i wouldn't know what to do,but I guess to give it attention is to reinforce i'd say try your best to ignore it and hope she will grow out of it. good luck


HEATHER - January 30

I have been ignoring it and she is almost 17 months now, and I am now trying to get her to stop cause she understands me now. I cant continue to ignore it. Thankfully she doesnt do it in the house with stufties or anything, but I also cant put her in a stroller or shopping cart. I never let anyone ride with us.. its hard. and I cant find much advice or support on the net. which is even harder.


hello - January 30

I have heard to ignore it, if you put emphasis on it they feel they are doing something wrong and what they are doing is normal really.... Talk to a doctor if its worrying u and has been going on for some time..... Distraction i guess ....get her mind off it and give her some pots and pans or something to play with...... take her for a run around the park but dont tell her off for it .... she doesnt want to grow up thinking this sorta thing is considered evil or something if that makes sense........ do a google search perhaps but i would continue ignoring it not putting too much emphasis on it as u say u do. Toddlers love attention, negative and positive so if u do keep acknowledging it she may keep doing it as it gets her noticed.... good luck but i would have a chat to the dr and see what they say, not cause there is anything wrong but for some rea__surance for you.


Erin1979 - January 30

My nephew used to walk around playing with his p___s (hand down his pants like Al Bundy!) all the time. we tried to ignore it, but he just kept doing it. We told him that it was OK to do it when he was alone in his room, but not all the time. As soon as he is in bed, hand is in his might get easier to rationalize once she gets older, but for now, I say I agree, and try your best to ignore it.


HEATHER - January 30

we have changed her eating position, and I dont put her in strollers and stuff, so now its just in the carseat, and it will be the WHOLE ride, not just like 5 min but if we are in the car for an hour its the whole hour! I try to distract her while I drive I keep toys and books in my front seat and pa__s one back to her over and over but that doesnt always work, I try to play her music and sing and tell her to clap and such.. but I think she has been doing it for so long its a learned behavior that she doesnt know what else to do but that. so the second she gets board she starts grinding. I am trying to tell her now "uhah honey" "you dont need to do that" and she will stop briefly, but then she is back at it sot he whole ride is back and forth between her and I. I wonder if its from taking her pacifier away before she was ready to give it up. Like she used to use that to soothe her and now she is doing this...??


LisaB - January 30

Have you tried giving the pacifer back? It could be the way she self sooths. My ds will rock himself a bit when hes real tired and hes a thumb sucker I don't know how he would sooth with out those two things. I'd try the paci again. You can limit it to car rides, and special times (ie around company) I''m sure she'll out grow it. Talk to your ped.



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