Toddler Question How Much Tv Does Your Child Watch

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bubbasmom - October 2

Ok, I have read all the studies about not letting kids under two watch tv. I listened to this rule until my son was about 13 months old and now he watches 1-3 disney shows throughout the day. He doesn't sit through the whole thing but will wandering around the house and come back to it. He is 20 months old. My hubby and I are also huge tv fans and it is usually on during the day. Don't get me wrong, I play with my son a lot and we color and do stickers and puzzles. I'm just wondering how much tv your child watches. I'm hoping to relieve my guilt! Also, does anyone know of any direct /conclusive studies correlating tv watching with adhd? Any thoughts, even negative, would be appreciated


Krissy25 - October 2

My dd is only 2 months old but i worry about this issue too for when she is older. The tv is on a lot in our house mostly as background noise but i have found her stairing at it sometimes. I really don't want her to be addicted to it but at the same time it is just the 2 of us for most of the day and i can only go out for walks so often. I have read articles that have stated that tv watching at an early age can lead to a shortened attention span but i'm not sure if it leads to adhd. I guess i'm like you i feel gulity having it on, i probably need to turn it off.


DDT - October 3

My ds is 7 months old and only recently has started becoming interested in the TV. He will watch snatches (1-10mins) of Baby Einstein or Barney throughout the day. I don't even think he watches 20 mins total because it doesn't keep him engaged for very long. The TV is always on at our house even though we don't watch it all the time...more for background noise. My df also likes to have music playing instead of the TV and I think thats good for a change. I am not anti-TV but I think there should be a limit. But that should be left to the parent's discretion. I mean if your kid can't play by himself with his toys or would rather watch TV than go play outside you may have a problem on your hands. I think by the time my ds is a year old I may limit his TV watching to 1hr a day total. But of course the older he gets that will change.


bubbasmom - October 3

Maybe I will put a cd on instead. Like Krissy said, i is just me and my son all day and I like the backround noise. He can play by himself without the tv though, so that is good. But, he also knows how to turn it on!


KimS - October 3

My ds is almost 8 months, I never have the tv on since as soon as I do he becomes mesmorized.. so the odd time if he's really cranky and I'm trying to keep him up, I'll put it on.. I do put the radio on for background noise and keep it on all day.


aliciavr6 - October 3

My dd is almost 4 months and LOVES LOVES LOVES tv. She has the Baby Signing Time dvd and smiles throughout the whole thing. You moms probably wont like this, but she watches it once a day in her bouncer. She's not really into much else but I'll catch her staring if I'm holding her and it's on.


michelleodell - October 3

Oh my gosh!! My lo will be 4 mons the 16th and she loves Sponge Bob. She started watching TV at the babysitter's house. I try to not let her watch too much and interact w/ her while she is watching TV. I have worried about her watching TV but others have told me they let their kids watch. I usually use it to occupy her while I am fixing diner. I'm glad I'm not the only mommy w/ this issue.


aliciavr6 - October 3

ha michelle - i forgot about spongebob, my dd likes that too. :)


kimberly - October 3

My dd is only 6 weeks old, but I also have an 8 and a 4 year old. My oldest loved tv starting at about 2 years and is still a big tv watcher. He doesn't have adhd, he loves to play outside, and he brings home straight A's in school. It didn't affect him at all. My 4 year old doesn't watch much tv, only because he is more interested in riding his bike, but he does watch Diego, Spongebob and he loves Scooby Doo. I think it can be a bad thing if your kids sit around and do nothing but watch tv because then they are not getting the exersise they need. I suppose it could affect some kids attention span, but I think that comes from hours of non stop watching and not much other interactions.


excited2bemama - October 3

I dunno- I guess I am the werid one. my lo is only 4 months and I don't let her watch it at all- DH and I don't watch tv- only movies every now and then (usually when she is in bed) she will stare it and be mesmorized- so i just don't put it on- I have read stuff about the changing imagies being 2 fast for their brains.. I just don't think its necessary- kids should be exploring their worlds and playing.. I will probably let her watch a little tv a few times a week when she is 2or3.. the maerican academy of pediatric recommends NO tv until age 2.. to each his own .. :o)


SuzieQ - October 4

I'm the same as excited2bemama - except this month we threw out our tv. Before this, dh and I would watch movies after our dd was in bed. We both felt that tv was just not good for our child, so it's gone.



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