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Chelsey - November 10

Anyone have toddlers? My almost 4 years old (guess she's not much of a toddler anymore!) is acting VERY strange lately!!!! She isn't eating as much, she's very whiney/ cranky and just plain difficult to be around! She cries when she doesn't get her way. (Okay, it is actually a high pitched scream with hitting and throwing stuff!) She is making me lose my mind! Whenever she gets out of control, she scares the bejeesus out of the baby, and he cries and gets very upset. For instance, right now she's freaking out in her room, Gabe is freaking out on my lap, and I'm just about to walk out of this house.... for good! I just dont know how to handle it! Somebody please tell me how to deal with my daughter. I'm seriously going to have a break down!


monica - November 10

sorry chelsey, I have a 5 year old that acts like a baby sometimes. I think it has to do with my 3 1/2 month old. This is why I have sent my 5 year old to school full time. I go crazy when I am here with the two of them and my husband is at work. With my son I think he wants more attention, He loves the baby very much but sometimes I think he just wants his mommy 100%


chelsey - November 10

I know thats part of the reason, but even when she has mommy and daddy to herself, its still very hard to deal with her! Even before I was pregnant with Gabe. I know she's spoiled, but this is ridiculous. She's got a Dr. appointment in an hour, and I really doubt I'll get her out of the house!


Jbear - November 10

My daughter is about the same age as yours (she'll be 4 in March). She's not having tantrums anymore, but sometimes she does drive me crazy with her constant whining...for example, she lost her Little Mermaid doll and asked me every two minutes for a day and a half to look for it. I was ready to go out of my mind. She even called her grandma to come help her look for it, and when grandma couldn't find it, my daughter hit her. Grandma spanks, and they were both pretty angry with each other that day. One thing that I've found that helps is to tell my daughter she's not allowed to do something, when it's something I want her to do. For example, "You're not allowed to brush your hair right now" will send her rushing into the bathroom to do it. I've also noticed that she likes to be my helper, even when she's not really helping. We have a toy broom and vacuum cleaner, and when I'm cleaning she's right beside me doing whatever I'm doing. I wouldn't worry too much about her not eating that much, sometimes my daughter will pick at her food for several days and then regain her appet_te. Sometimes she will pick one thing and refuse to eat anything else for days (right now it's peach yogurt). She acted up a lot right after I brought the baby home from the hospital, but I kept telling her, "Mommy has two girls, and she loves them both." Now when I'm doing something for the baby my three year old will stand there and say, "Mommy has two girls, right?" almost as if she's reminding herself that she is loved. It does get better...six weeks ago I was begging my husband to quit one of his jobs and let me go back to work, because I was frantic to escape, but lately things have been settling down.


Julie - November 10

We just brought our son home 3 weeks ago and our 3 year old has been a terror! I can't feed the baby or even sit on the couch with the baby without him trying to climb on top of both of us. He has been constantly whining and yelling at both my husband and I. He does not listen to a word we say and when we try to discipline him he just screams and kicks and is pretty much out of control. This week I started giving him a more active roll. By asking him several times a day if he would like to hold his brother, help with diapers, etc. I found this works wonders. Tonight I am taking him to the movies by himself so we can have some one on one time together. I don't know if your children attend school but he also goes to school 3 days a week for 2.5 hours and we have resumed taking him to The Little Gym and it has helped. I think the big thing is he has been spoiled by me for the past 3 years and he is having a hard time. He has been more clingy to my husband who is never home lately as well. He has also been asking me to feed him and has been asking me if he's still my little boy. I hope the transition doesn't take to long I also feel like I am going to lose my mind!


Lisa*9 - November 10

I had many encounters with my five year old when he was four. I resorted to put soup in his mouth very very mild soup at that only a drop,I made sure I had a cloth nearby to wipe it away right away so he wouldn't have bubbles coming out of his mouth,I had to do this twice in a row,I no it sounds mean but it got my son listening to me until the next exopide. I am glad to say they do grow out of this stage. I have very little problems with him now. I symphase with you and all mothers going though a four year old stage. I usually say I am the Mom and you do have to listen to me and do as I say. When my son is crying he is quick to ask me for hugs to calm him down. His dad was is not much help at disciplining the boys,my job I get to do everything. Sorry I can't help any more then this.


not to be mean... - November 10

...but soap is what you wash with, and soup is that stuff that comes in cans, like campbells and progresso, that we eat...I was reading the last post and trying to figure out how soup would be a punishment, until I saw the part about the bubbles and figured out it must be soap


Hey Lisa*9 - November 10

That is what we call pa__sive aggressive. It's good for letting off steam when you don't have the b___s/ovaries to me outright mean. Good for you for calling "it" out on it!


Lesley - November 11

Do you allow your older child to help out with baby? Like getting nappies and wipes. Do you allow them to have a hold of their sibling? I have just had my 3rd baby and I have never had a problem with my other children. I b___stfeed and even then they don't bother, My daughter (18 month) will come and stroke his head while I'm feeding. I also don't tell them to keep away from baby - which a lot of people do (not saying you do that mind!) I explain that baby is still tiny and can't play like they do yet. My 2 oldest seem fine with that.


chelsey - November 11

Thanks everyone for your replies! Hailey had a Dr. appointment yesterday, and she weighs 32lbs., and is 4' tall. The doctor said she is right where she should be as far as weight, so I shouldn't worry about her lack of appet_te. I quess she'll eat when she's hungry! Reverse psychology sometimes works on her, but she is almost too smart for that. She will actually put herself in her room, and shut the door when she doesn't want to do as she is asked. She is very involved with the baby. Except when he spits up or poos. Then she literally gags, screams and runs away! But she likes to "babysit" him, makes her feel like a big girl. She holds him and plays with him, and I never tell her to stay away from him, unless she's got her toys in her hand. I dont need another toy-dropped-on-head incident! Julie, you mentioned that your little guy wants you to feed him? Thats exactly what Hailey does! She will eat, if I'm feeding her - but I dont have time to do that! Not to mention I shouldn't have to! Jbear, yogurt and cheese strings - Hailey would eat those all day long, if I let her! Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with a difficult child! As much as I do feel sorry for all of us, I now feel better that I am not alone!



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