Toddlers And Melatonin

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dales76 - January 30

I will be traveling on a long haul international flight in a few weeks with my 18 month old. On previous flights I have tried Benadryl and unfortunately (for me) my ds is one of those children who does not get drousy from this drug. I was thinking about adding a melatonin dose to his milk to hopefully make him sleepy for some of the flight. Has anyone tried this or know anything about its effects on toddlers?


DeeJay - January 30

I have used melatonin for my ferrets to treat adrea___l desease and I read in the label that it is used for insomnia. It seems to be pretty harmless as I am using it in a very small animal and no side effects but it also didn't make them sleepy!!!! As with anything I would ask my doctor about it, especially for the dosage!! Melatonin is used to fight cancer in people and animals also. Sorry couldn't be more help.


jb - January 30

I only have an animal experience with it also. My dad actually gives it to his dog (85 pound lab) to make him mellow out during the 4th of July fireworks. It works like a charm.


EricaLynn - January 31

I thought I would add my two cents because I used to work at a GNC. I would not give melatonin to a toddler. You cant even buy it unless you are 18. If you give melatonin it can make his body think that it doesnt need to produce it for himself, which could be hell later on! I wouldnt do it but you can always as the ped. if its okay for just one day to take a flight....


Danielle19 - January 31

my friend use to give this to her 7,8, and 9 year olds to get them to go to bed, she give it to them every school night for like 2 years and they didn't have any adverse affects from it, but there not toddlers, call your doc and she what they say


dales76 - February 1

Thanks for the info...thats weird EricaLynn - I bought some just the other day at the PX (military spouse). It had nothing about age restrictions on it. Perhaps the restrictions have changed over the past couple of years. Ill call the doc -hopefully i can take it onto the plane so it can just be there in case of emergencies....


EricaLynn - February 1

I dont know where you bought the melatonin from dales but when I was at GNC just this past year the age limit on it was 18.


dales76 - February 2

The PX is kind of like a Target - I was there again today and I ckecked the stocks and they are selling three different brands - no restrictions...because of your post EricaLynn, I ckecked GNC online and they indeed did say that it was restricted to only people over 18. Interesting, My Doc still hasnt gotten back to me, I guess Ill have to wait til Monday - but in the end i guess her reponse will be the definitive one.


EricaLynn - February 2

Yeah I dont blame you, Id listen to the doc before an online stranger too. I dont think the government has an age limit on melatonin its probably jsut a GNC policy because with long term use some people become dependent. I hope you find something that works for your ds on the flight!



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