Tongue Hanging Out

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bbm - June 30

My son just turned 3 months and lately he's been letting his tongue hang out of his mouth a lot and drooling. Or at times it looks as if he's trying to spit something out but doesn't need to. He looks rather odd with his tongue doing this and when he's tired and his eyes droop somewhat, I hat eto say it, but it looks as if something is not right. This is worrying me. He just discovered how interesting his hands are, could it be the same with his tongue?


HannahBaby - June 30

i would call your doctor just to be safe. The tounge hanging out isnt really that big of a deal but for his eyes to droop doesnt sound right


TinaMarie - June 30

Hi, If you are concerned definately ask you doctor. But I can tell you that at about that age my daugher was always sitting there with her tongue out and her eyes still look droopy when she is tired and she is 7 months. I am sure everything is fine w/ your little one but honestly if you are concerned ask the doc. It is worth the trip for peace of mind! Good luck and congrats on your little one!


olivia - June 30

ha, ha, my dd went through this 'doggy' stage. She had her tounge hanging out for weeks and it was slightly embarra__sing. She definately was funny looking as she sat around drooling with her tounge hanging out. So get it checked if you will feel more comfortable, but also know that it is a common stage as they discover their tongues. And they all look slightly disabled when drooling with tounge hannging out... This too shall pa__s! That said... anything you are worried about you should ask your pediatrician to check it out too.


bbm - June 30

Well, his eyes only droop when he's tired so it looks worse then. But the sticking out of the tongue is frequent. Sometimes it looks like he's trying to spit something out because he salivates and the tongue goes in and out.


austinsmom - June 30

mine did this too with the tongue it can't be too bad if they all do it huh? I just figured it was discovering he had a tongue and he wanted everyone to know about it


Lalla - July 1

hi bbm, i was just about to ask the same question for my dd. she is almost 4 months and her tongue has been "visible" for about a couple of weeks now. my dh and i were talking and wondering when that would stop.... my dd is also drooling alot and discovered her hands a couple of weeks ago - so she sounds just like your ds! i am going in for her shots next week and i will ask the doctor about it. let us know what you find out if you ask.


bbm - July 2

Lalla, it does sound like my ds and your dd are at the same stage with the tongue thing. My appointment is this Tuesday so I'll ask as well.


Jmom - July 2

My ds is almost 4 months and his tongue is always out. We were just laughing at it over breakfast today :) Guess it's just one of those stages, but one people don't usually think of telling you b/c I never heard anyone else taking about it before, but I think it's normal- we just figured he found his tongue :)


Rabbits07 - July 2

None of mine ever did that, but I knew a lady who had a little girl the same age as my 3-year-old who did that as a baby. We would talk a lot at school waiting for the pick-up bell to ring (our babies were around 5-6 months old then.) Her little girl constantly had her tongue sticking out and chewed on it. I had wondered at the time if there may be a problem as I had never seen a baby do that before, but I didn;t want to be rude and ask. I seen her a couple of months ago (our kids are now 3) and her little girl is just fine....I guess some babies are like you said...they find it interesting the way they do their hands when they discover them. I would mention to the ped since you are concerned just to get a doctor's take on the whole situation.


bbm - July 4

I feel so much better hearing these comments. I suppose it's just not a topic people bring up usually. A lot of people I've mentioned this to just think it's such a regular thing for babies to do especially if they'll be teething soon that its not even a topic.



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