Tongue Tied Baby

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shari - June 13

HI...I was wondering if anyone else out there has a baby with a "tongue-tie". My son was born with his tongue anchored down with that little piece of skin close to the front of his tongue rather than further back and more underneath.(I hope I'm describing this ok). His DR. said it wasn't uncommon and in the old days they would snip it at birth, but nowadays, if it doesn't interfere with eating or babbling, she says eventually his tongue will grow in length and it won't be noticable. He is 6 1/2 mos now and it still looks the same. I was wondering if anyone has older babies that have outgrown this or has anyone actually had to have it cut? It doesn't seem to bother him so far, he babbles (ga ma ba..) and sucks ok. Just a little curious what lay ahead in the future with this. Thanks!


LisaB - June 13

My sisters oldest son had the same thing and they ended up snipping it at the dentist when he was around four. It wasn't a big deal ( the snipping) he was having trouble with his speech which is why they did it, his y's and l's were pretty bad. Hes almost 7 now and his speech is fine. From what my nephew went through it wasn't anything more than a minor inconvience. Good luck.


Rabbits07 - June 13

My sister is tongue tied. My mom said it was snipped several times when she was a baby and kept growing back. MY sister doesn't have any problems with it though. The only time it ever inconvenienced her was when she took Spanish in high school andf she couldn't trill her r's.


Bec - June 13

Two of my children were tongue tied. My son had his snipped when he was 10 months old after I had done a ton of research. I couldn't bring myself to allow them to snip it at birth because I had never heard of it before and wanted to know all about it first! It was a hard decision to make but I found out it will affect not only his speech and feeding but also things such as kissing, licking his lips, running his tongue around his mouth to clear food out from the gums... just to name a few! He is now 2 and doesn't appear to have any speech problems or anything else a__sociated with tongue tie. My 3 month old daughter was born with it as well and as I was having major b___stfeeding problems (she wasn't sucking properly) I decided to have it snipped before we left the hospital. It sounds inhumane and it broke my heart to the core, but she merely whimpered then I b___stfed her straight away and we have never had a problem feeding since! I did hear that they can grow back like Rabbits07 said but i guess that is the chance you take! I was also told that tongue tie can correct itself as the child grows and that a large percentage of adults had it as children and you would never know! It is definitely a hard decision to make! I would say that there are more pro's a__sociated with getting it snipped than not! Good luck in your decision!


^lucy^ - June 14

my baby cousin had it and they snipped it off when she turned 1.. it's so common as they say..


YC - June 14

My coworker is tongue tied. Her parents did not have it snipped. She says she wish they would have as she has problems pronouncing differnt words, licking an icecream cone, etc. Good luck with your decision. I know we only want to do the best for our babies.


snugglybugglys - June 14

My dd is tounge tied dr said the same thing, about clipping it. Her new dr actually wants to clip it now, she is 14 months.


Bree - June 14

My son had to get his clipped, he was about 2. I was unable to b___stfeed him because of it. Poor kid almost starved a whole week after birth. They did have to put him to sleep and that was scarey, but he was just fine!


Ang - June 14

I had that when I was a baby/kid and had to have it snipped when I was about 13 or so due to problems with speach. If he needs to get it done I, personally, reccomend getting it doen when he'e young. It wasn't a nice experience having to stay quiet and having to eat everything out of a straw for 2 1/2 weeks until the st_tches dissolved to the point I could use my tongue -- somewhat.


BaileysMummy - June 15

I had one myself when I was little. I had it snipped when I was 4 and have not had any problems with speech (I think I had a small lisp before)


Sheri - June 15

I agree with Ang. I also had the procedure done when I was around 13. My speech was perfect, but the little muscle was pulling my two bottom teeth apart. I think the procedure and recovery would be easier when much younger.



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