Too Loud Sleeper Anyone Has The Same Acting Baby

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Sis - November 17

Hi, my 5 week old son is a very loud sleeper since he was born. He grunts, moves a lot, squeals and coos while sleeping. I got used to it so I can sleep. But I was wondering if all babies are like this and whether I should be concerned( he is healthy, has a great appet_te).Thanks


Julie - November 17

Both of mine were/are loud sleepers. My son who is now 3 was so loud we had to put him in his own room in his crib. My now 4.5 week old is the same way he sounds like a car squeeling his tires!


monica - November 17

same he is almost 4 months and still makes so much noise. He sleeps in the same room as his older brother...good thing he is a deep sleeper.


Shelly - November 17

Same over here,I had to really laugh about it,with all that noise they are not exactly "gerber" babies huh?


dylan - November 17

my 8 week old has "purred" ever since he was born. I like it, because I can hear him and not worry about sids all night. I just have to wake up enough to hear him purring and I go right back to sleep.


Heidi - November 17

OMG I was gonna ask the same thing! Emma is 5 wks old and does the SAME thing. Her crib is right next to my bed so I wake up a lot to her grunting, growling, moving around, purring, you name it, she does it in her sleep. Sometimes I'll hear this little weeeee.....or she'll let out a big cry and I get up and she's totally out. She kicks a lot and pa__ses gas in her sleep all the time to the point where at 4 wks I had to put her crib in our room cus she tossed around so much in the ba__sinet I'd find her smushed up against the netting on the side and that freaked me out cus towards the back it's not mesh and I worried about her sufforcating. She can really kick her way across her pack in play too. So you're not alone! When I lay her in bed with me at night to b___stfeed and she's ga__sy she sounds like a wild animal and my boyfriend wakes up and is like, what in the hell is going on over there! It's hilarious. We wake up giggling a lot at her funny sounds while she's sleeping. She also opens her eyes in her sleep and rolls them in the back of her head and smiles in her sleep.


New mom - November 17

Same som have been doing this since birth, i couldn't sleep before but now got used to his all loud noises..he is the reason my husband can't sleep with me any more..he asked me to choose between him and the baby either he sleeps in next room or the baby so i choosed my son..i don't need him anymore any


Heidi - November 17

Ha ha! My boyfriend falls asleep on the couch each night and while I was pg I'd start bawling thinking he didn't want to sleep with me anymore and now I see him out there I tiptoe not to wake him cus I love having the bed to myself and can feed my daughter in it cus he's not hogging it and I sleep through her noise too now pretty well. I'll look at the clock and if it's not been three hours to eat, I know she's just talking in her sleep again. Hee hee! He comes to bed around 3-4 in the morning and she wakes him up at five sounding like a piglet while eating. Hee hee! He said he doesn't need his alarm clock anymore!!!


New mom - November 17

LOL...Heidi..i guess she is giving him a good lesson


sam - November 17

my 13 week old still makes noises. books i've read have said that they go through REM sleep quite often and each time they come out of it they will make noises...maybe a squeal, quick cry, cooing, bothered me really bad in the first four weeks b/c i have a monitor right by my bed and it works really really good so i heard everything. now i know what's going on, but i do check on him still when i'm up.


Heidi - November 17

Me too on the monitor deal. Mine picks up everything so I'd get up and go look and she's be pa__sed right out. I swear she was playing tricks on me to get me off the couch!


Sonya - November 17

I am so glad you posted this. I was beginning to think my son was the only one doing this. We have him in our room in a pack n play and he drives me crazy. He is usually okay from 9:00-4:00 but then he grunts, snorts, crys out and "tosses and turns". I am afraid to put him in his room because I don't want him to wake up his brother across the hall when he wakes to be fed at night. I don't remember my first son doing this but we had him in his own room right away so maybe he did.


Sis - November 18

I am so glad I was not alone having this problem! Now I can relax knowing that my little one seems to be normal :-))) Thank you all for your input!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

My Lucas is the most restless sleeper, I thought my kid was abnormal in this aspect. He moves and fusses and cries and i so restless, I do not sleep good. The other night he actually slept half the night in his crib, I finally got some peace! Hopefully he will settle down as he gets older!


Karen - November 19

Same here. Kodi is 11.5 weeks and stills does it sometimes


Camille - November 27

My 4 week old is the same way. I thought maybe it was related to reflux-he seems uncomfortable and groans and thrashes around. My pediatrician seems to think it is nothing to worry about.



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