Too Many Meds

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CarolA - January 16

My son has had a cough for a long time now. We've taken him to the doctor, and they put him on some meds, for his cough and an ear infection. Well its been 10 days and he's supposed to go back today, but the office is closed for weather issues. Anyway, My mother in law has him on extra meds, and I think its too many. He's taking musinex (sp?) to help him cough up things, and cold medicine thats supposed to suppress his cough. Does that sound right? I told her it didn't make any sense to have him on something to help him cough things up, and also on something to make him not cough. Does this sound weird to anybody else? She wont listen to me! we live with her, and i cant get away! Shes taking over our son, and its driving me nuts. anyway..back to the subject, anybody have any opinions on the medication issue?


LisaB - January 16

How old is your ds? Someone just poseted a few days ago about a combo of drugs that can lethal. I personally will not give my ds any otc medicationd except tylenol. They cough to clear there lungs so why would I interfer with that. Anyway my ds was sick with several ear infections (actually just one that never went away) from November thru beginning of January and my ped said that otc can cause more harm than good. I would not allow anyone to give my lo any medication. And yes what shes doing does sound counter productive.


JenniferB - January 16

My baby has bronchitis and just the other day my pediatrician said that he didn't understand why people mixed decongestants and antihistamines because one gets it up and one dries it up. If he is under six months, my doctor gives antibiotics and tells us to use a cool mist humidifier to help the congestion and tylenol if he has a fever or seems uncomfortable. I use as little medication as possible. She shouldn't be medicating him if your doctor didn't recommend it. I know how it feels to live with inlaws. ugggh I hope he feels better soon.


mcatherine - January 16

Just to let you - children under 12 are not supposed to take Mucinex.


mcatherine - January 16

Sorry - Just to let you know...


mcatherine - January 16

My husband just told me they did make a children's version (sorry) but it isn't for children under 2. I wouldn't let her give your son anything the doctor didn't ok.


Kara H. - January 16

While I personally love Mucinex for myself (and they do make a cough suppressant formula to quiet a tickle cough but still allows you to cough up the big stuff) I would not give anything to my baby (or child under 2) that the ped did not authorize. Max isn't coughing but is having terrible head/sinus congestion and lots of sinus drainage that making him refuse to eat or suck his pacifer. He was choking and gagging on the drainge. He wasn't quite 6 months yet, but our ped said to give him *HALF* of a triaminic infant thin strip (which are so much nicer than the liquid - I hope tylenol comes out with strips soon). She said she would much rather have him take a decongestant now, than an antibiotic next week for a sinus infeciton or more likely an ear infection. So I think that OTC cold meds have a real benefit, but you should never guess at the dosage or if it is appropriate for an infant. Call and talk to a nurse or doctor on call at your peds office and have them advise you.



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