Too Old To Swaddle

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Christy - January 6

I used to swaddle Ben for the first couple of weeks and then he got all Houdini on me and would wrangle and kick off the swaddling. I stopped doing it and all seemed well. Lately he has had issues sleeping again and I noticed that he thrashes around and startles quite a bit in his sleep. I also noticed that he fell asleep in my arms pretty quickly when I held his arms down and kept him from thrashing. Do you think I should try swaddling him again? I know a blanket won't work anymore b/c he would just get out of it, and that I'd have to dole out the cash for a Swaddle Me. What do you guys think?


Christy - January 6

I forgot to mention that he is 2 months old.


HEATHER - January 6

Im still swaddling my daughter and she is 4 months old, Dr says its just fine. If I dont swaddle her she is quite restless and wont make it more than an hour.


Shelly - January 6

I would just give it a try!!


AutumnsMommy - January 6

My dr. told me that she swaddled her daughter until she was 9 months I would say definitly give it a try!


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 6

Swaddling seriously never worked for me. I tried and tried! If it had worked though, I would have swaddled til 10 yrs old just to get some sleep. Its worth a shot!


monica - January 6

Not too old to swaddle...i swaddled starting at 8 weeks and it did wonders for his sleep. I stoped around 12 weeks.


Christy - January 6

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I just kind of thought of it after he fell asleep with me holding his little arms down. :) We were at a party with 5 babies last week and the one 3 month old was in his Swaddle Me. He looked quite happy and his parents said it has been a real sanity-saver for them. Has anyone else used this and what do you think of it?


Christy - January 6

BTW- I was only thinking about swaddling at night. If you get the baby to start napping, do you swaddle then too?


Ruthie - January 6

Hi Christy! What's a Swaddle Me?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 6

Whats swaddle mean?


Kelly K - January 6

I don't think 2 months is too old. My daughter will be 2 months old next week and she won't sleep without being swaddled. If they are comfy.. go for it I say! Whatever helps keep us sane.


Toya - January 6

I swaddled my daughter until she was 3 months, so I definitely don't think it's too old. I had to swaddle her tightly!


logansmommy - January 6

My son is 3 months and a week and he still loves being swaddled.


Lol - January 6

I swaddled my baby until 9-10 months. I had to start using bigger blankets but it was the only way she'd sleep. So I totally don't think he's too old to swaddle.


Eryn - January 6

I still swaddle Ellie ( she is 4 months) But I swaddle her under her arms otherwise she gets p__sed. Then when I am done I ask my fiance if he will swaddle me with our comforter, J/K but it looks so cozy!


Maria - January 6

I tried to swaddle my daughter but she finds a way to get her little arms out of there one way or another, so I just stopped. I should try again though because when she tries to sleep, she keeps on moving her hands, getting them in her face and she scares herself.



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