Too Soon For Pacifier

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ssmith - May 6 daughter is 10 days old. She usually eats every 3 hours and goes right to sleep until the next feed (lovely!!)...however, onece or twice a day she gets very fussy and seems to want to feed constantly. I know she's not hungry because I will have just fed her no more than 1 hour previous...she "roots" around and cries and has a hard time settling. I have tried walking around with her, rocking, the whole bit....I was wondering if she's just looking to suck for comfort, and thought about trying a pacifier. Is 10 days too early? She br___t feeds very well, and has no problems there....any advice? Thanks!!


carmendanielle - May 6

hey there. my doc said pacifiers are perfectly okay to use right aways. he said that especially for babies that eat really fast, it is comforting to have something to suck on. my daughter id 5 weeks and she uses it when she is just fussy, and don't worry she's not addicted!


AmandaManns - May 6

My son has used a pacifier since the day he was born. As a matter of fact the hospital put one in his crib at the hospital, although I did not use that one. My son is not addicted to it either. He will take it when he is fussy or if he eats his bottle too fast and just wants to suck for comfort.


Bonnie - May 6

Mason started paci's in the hospital. You may have to hold it in her mouth for her. She probably just a strong need to suck. A paci would be great :D You can also turn your finger upside down and offer it to her.


Jilloh - May 6

she may be pedi told us that to feed our baby until there was something was left in the bottle........


ssmith - May 6

Thanks! I am b___stfeeding, so unfortunately I cannot be totally sure how much she gets per feed....although, at the b___stfeeding clinic I went to , the nurse said she was getting 2oz per b___b!! No wonder they're huge! I am pretty sure that she's just looking for comfort sucking...I will try the pacifier tonight....hopefully it helps us both sleep!


Sarahsmommy - May 6

I would suggest trying to feed her even if it is every hour. BF babies need to eat alot, and they aren't totally effiect at it yet. I don't think it's too early for a paci though, Sarah started one before she even nursed, (I wasn't to happy about that) but she has never had a problem nursing.


Jmom - May 7

my ds used a paci the day he was born- He won't take it if he's hungry though, so that might be a way for you to tell if you should keep feeding your daughter or not.


kimberley - May 8

My babies have all had pacis since they were 1 day old :)


ashtynsmom - May 8

My daughter takes a paci, too. If she is hungry and I give it to her, she will refuse it... so I know she needs fed instead!


Tina-Baby Eva - May 8

I have used a pacifier or dummy (as in uk) since my daughter was born. There has been research to show that it also reduces the risk of cot death.


hrsmith - May 8

I gabe my son the pacifier right away.


Dalfie - May 24

The nurses gave my premature son a pacifier right away... it helps them develop the ability to suck. There is no problem with giving a baby a pacifier right away. My son was also hungry about every hour the first few weeks. I had to NOT feed him that often because it made me crack worse (which slowed the milk production), it didn't allow the milk to build up between feedings, and I found that he really wanted more cuddling, and he thought he needed to nurse to get it. Once I figured that out, it was easy to get him on the normal 2-3 hour between feedings for b___stfed babies. This was a lifesaver for my sore nipples!


ssmith - May 24

Dalfie---that was my daughter too....a real cuddler. I used to mistake her crying to be cuddled thinking she was still hungry. She just wanted to suck for comfort and be held. Aw...what a sweetie. I'm glad I figured that out nipples were suffering too!


bean - May 25

Ssmith - glad you asked. I just had the same issue. My little girl is only 16 days old and also has her fussy periods. She wants to eat every hour sometimes (she's b___stfed). I spoke with a nurse from my ob office yesterday because my little one would eat so much that she would then throw up TONS. The nurse said (to my surprise) it IS possible to overfeed a baby, and if she's rooting it's just cause she wants comfort, and doesnt' know how else to tell you. She knows that if she mouths or roots you'll put her to b___st, and therefore she'll be comforted. The nurse said to go ahead and try a pacifier. I did a little last night, but my little one won't take it for long. But at over 2 weeks of age the nurse said they shouldn't eat more than every 2 hours. Yah right.... try telling my dd that! We're working hard on it...


Dalfie - May 25

One problem I had with letting my son eat more often than every 2 hours was that the milk didn't completely digest between feedings... so it would spoil in his stomach and make him throw up more often.



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