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krnj - June 20

My ds is almost 4 months and is still getting up every 3 hours to eat at night. Is he too young to let him cio? I'm not sure I want to try it yet... Any advice?


Bonnie - June 20

My advice is to consult your pediatrician on it because you will get a lot of different answers. I will tell you what Mason's doctor said to us....It goes by weight, not age. They need to be large enough for their tummies to make it trhough the night. Generally 12 pounds or double the birth weight seems to be abour right. We did CIO with Mason at 9 weeks (he was a wopping 15 pounds, lol). You still give them the same amount of food, but stretched out during the day. Mason is formula fed though and my understanding is BF babies are different and cannot go as long. We were (per the doc's instructions) to let Mason CIO up to a full 3 hours (yipes...I know). But we were to check on him no more or less than every 15 minutes. It's a good time frame to make sure he is okay and calm him but not earlier as they will see you and just cry harder. We were to give him a few quick pats and tel him it's okay and to go night-night but not to pick him up.We were to give it a full week. And I swear to God it was harder than labor. He SCREAMED hysterically and choked and gagged. But my DH wanted to do it so I kept at it and cried the whole time doubting (and hating) both him and the doctor, lol. The first 2 nights he screamed teh 3 hours until I got him up. Night #3 he screamed 1 hour then woke half way through the night and screamed another 45 minutes. Night #4 he was out in 20 minutes. Since then he is either out within 15 minutes or does not cry at all. Now I feel it is the best thing I ever did as he is a far happier baby when he gets a good nights sleep. I get big happy smiles every morning as well so I know it has done him good. That being said I do not feel it is a good method for everyone. Some babies may do better with attachment parenting. My recommendation is to hit up the library and skim through some books on different methods and see which suits your style the most. Then speak with your pediatrician to see what he recommends. Then discuss it with your DH and come up with a plan you both agree on and can stick to. :)..........Goodluck!


Beth B - June 20

Hi. I am one of those who CIO won't work for.....although in Bonnie's case was neccessary. But before you do I would try a couple of other things. Is your baby on a schedule during the day? Have you tried giving your lo a paci and rocking him back to sleep instead of food? That is the easiest way to tell if he is hungry or not. If he will take the paci and fall back asleep then he isn't hungry.


Ginny - June 20

I don't know much about cio, but I think that if they wake up for hunger, then it's not a good idea. So like the other ladies said, increase food throughout the day. My dd had been waking up every 2-3 hrs at night STARVING, and it finally dawned on me to give her more food. I began with rice cereal, but she only stopped waking up after I began feeding vegetables with cereal. The pedi blessed my actions at her 4 mo checkup, and she's been sleeping through the night ever since. I would have tried CIO, but she learned to sleep without it. Also like the others said, check with the pedi.


grandma - June 21

I'd say no to CIO for more than 5-10 mins. at this age. That's just my opinion. If you know they are well past sleep, feed, dry diaper, etc. sometimes they need a few mins to understand sleep's in order but, crying for too long does not teach them. Why the rush to give up loving arms?


Narcissus - June 21

I never let my son CIO until he was at least 8 months old. Something did not feel right to me when my son would cry and I found that responding to his cries made him calm down enough that we could try whatever it was we trying, once more, and usually with success the 2nd time around. He is 15 months old and I still go to him after several minutes of crying. You may find that your baby is giving you cues with his cries and in my case, I felt that ignoring my son's cues might lead to distrust in the future. My son can calm himself really well so I don't mean to give the impression that I never let him cry. I do but he usually cries for a specific purpose and by tending to it, he spends less time crying just for the sake of crying. Every baby is unique so do what feels right and ignore the books. Your instinct can be very useful when dealing with your baby and his needs.


HannahBaby - June 21

I only used cio when my daughter didnt want to go to sleep or she wanted to be rocked to sleep.(and i didnt use it until she was well over 12 months) If your son is waking up during the night to eat, its because hes hungry and CIO most likey wont work.


ca_pink - June 21

My baby is almost 12 weeks, but not 12 lbs yet. If she has been fed, diaper changed and not hurt... we'll let her squwk/cry for max of about 5 minutes for her naps. We've learned that she needs to release some pent up energy before she falls asleep. Rarely is it a full-b__wn cry, they are usually more squawks and lasts 1-2 minutes. Good luck!


Ca__sieSong - June 21

I think it depends on your baby's temperment too. If your baby gets hysterical if you leave him to cry, then CIO might not work. We used CIO when our dd was 4 months per the ped's intruction. She was still waking up 3 times a night to eat and she was at a fine weight to go through the night without eating. It worked for us and she now sleeps from 7-7, waking at around 4:30 to eat... though we're weaning her off this feeding now too. She is 6 months old now.


Lindsey - June 21

Whats CIO???


Bonnie - June 21

CIO=cry it out.............letting them cry it out until they fall asleep. Though there are many methods of doing it. I think it's a bad term to describe because I don;t know of anyone who just let's them cry and ignores them. Generally it means to let them cry and check on them every 15-20 minutes.



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