Too Young For Nightmares

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Sarah - November 13

Is it possible for babies to have nightmares?? My daughter is one month old and when she sleep/naps she will sometimes start crying out of nowhere (I always hold her ... she doesn't like to be put down). Usually it's just for a few seconds and then she stops and continues sleeping. Could it be she's having nightmares?? My poor baby!!!! =(


CEM - November 13

I think your baby is probably too young for nightmares. I obviously can't say for sure what goes through their little heads, but I don't think they have enough impressions yet to be capable of having a nightmare. She's probably just having gas pangs or experiencing womb separation. Do you still swaddle her?


jorden - November 13

my baby just turned 5 months and ever since he was a month old, he's been having nightmares.(i think) he'll just start crying in the middle of nowhere and he'll just stop. Then he'll smile out of nowhere too. If not nightmares, what would it be?? I think their nightmares. Its so sad though....he'll do the lip thing where it goes down real far and you just want to kiss em up...i dont know...but i think their nightmares


Shelly - November 13

Jesse will do the same from time to time.I don't think it's nightmares either eventhough thats how i call it,just to give it a name!!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 13

I am not sure what it is, I have always heard that when they smile in their sleep they are talking to angels, so maybe them crying is they are tired of waiting on the angels to come and talk to them! lol


Shannon - November 13

my baby is 2 weeks old and will sometimes whimper in her sleep. she doesn't usually wake up though. no idea if it's a nightmare though.


Kathryn - November 13

My five and a half month old has started to have nightmares. He wakes up screaming and it is very difficult to get him to settle down.


Vivid dreamer - November 13

My son did the same as Shannon baby when he was a infant,when he got a little bit older he would also cry in his sleep sometimes he would wake up,now he is three and had nightmares so I knew and believed all along he was having dreams and nightmares from the time he was small. So I believe all you parentswhen you say your baby is doing so they are. .....Lisa*9


lisa - November 14

my baby suddenly crys out a scared hum when shes feeding and going to sleep, it wakes her up and she is then ok but i dont like it, seems like a nightmare


Toya - November 14

I believe babies do have nightmares...they have REM cycles of sleeping so it's very possible that they have good dreams and bad dreams during that cycle...Asjani used to cry in her sleep for like a few seconds and then stop on her own.



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