Tooth Paste

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amanda17 - March 28

When am I supposed to start using toothpaste on dd?


Mari26me - March 29

If you use toothpaste, there cannot be fluoride in it. Fluroide is like a poison to children when they are young. There are lots of non-fluuride toothpastes out there for kids. Hope this helps you. :)


Sprinkles - March 29

Hey amanda, I started using it recently with violet - We use the Orajel baby one with no fluoride in it it came with a little finger tip brush too so I put a lil on that and brush her lil teeth and gum's ..she likes it.


amanda17 - March 29

I've been using the finger brush for about 2 weeks now, but I'm just not sure when I'm supposed to add the toothpaste with it. I'm also not sure about how many times a day I should be brushing her teeth (well, tooth) I use the gum brush once a day before bed.


newbaby2009 - April 6

Every infant/toddler toothpaste box ive read says for use on babies 3 months and older. I started using Gerber tooth and gum cleaner in Rylie with the finger brush at 3 months after twice a day and used a kids toothbrush and Orajel training toothpaste starting at 1 year after each meal. Her pedi told me not to use infant tooth and gum cleaner before she was 3 months even though she had 4 teeth by then.


One GRIM Mama - April 21

Flouride is poison to them? GRIM has been taking "Nursery Water" in her bottles since she first switched to formula. She's 7.5 months now. It lists flouride in the water.


amanda17 - April 21

I just looked it up on wikipedia and the best I can say is that there are different types of flouride. One kind can rot your teeth if you are over exposed to it, another kind can kill you, and another kind is actually good for babies.


HollyMay - April 21

My doctor actually just wrote my dd a prescription for fluoride, so i don't think it will kill babies. My doctor said that where i live they don't put it in the water ( big cities and such do) so it will help her teeth! So amanda, you right.. i'm sure there is a kind that is harmful. But i don't think my doctor would give me something to kill my child



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