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mandee25 - March 10

...reasons why you love this forum and how long you have been coming to this site. I will start: 1- helpful advice instead of bothering my doctor over potential little things, 2- support from moms who "know what it's like" and 3- a nice break for me when my baby is sleeping or spending time with daddy. I have been coming to this forum since about April 2006, when I was pregnant with Noah.


ash2 - March 10

wow, ummm, well i do like the fact that i can get helpful advice and dont have to bother my doc over silly stuff that is not life threatening. I also like the other opinions and outlook people have that i dont or do agree with and why. and i must admit, i like to see the " vents " and if they have the same ones as i do , lol..i have been coming to this forum for about 2 years.


DB - March 10

I like the advice from other moms (especially experienced moms!!), I like to read other's posts to "learn" what I'm in for my when 5 week old gets bigger!! and I also just like to read posts to "escape" sometimes. I've been coming here since August 2005 after I got married and we were ttc (bless the women on the "Problems getting pregnant" forum-I spent a lot of time there til we conceived)...


KLC - March 10

Well I've been coming here for almost two years now and I like 1) the advice 2) the friends I've made here 3) being able to tell all of you how I feel after a rough day of being a mom and knowing that I'm not alone in the way I feel. Thanks girls!!!


srigles - March 11

The interaction with other moms, the advice about day-to-day baby things I have no clue about, and things that I can expect to look forward to as Keegan gets older. Everyone has been so great to me from the first trimester forum to this one, and I don't know how I would have stayed sane without all the rea__surance and advice. Thanks to all of you!


eliz24 - March 11

Well, I have been coming to this forum since I was pregant around oct 2006.I don't post questions much,but I read through everything and learn ALOT. I like being able to know that I am not the only one going thru the things that I am,being a new mom and everything.


Lindsey - March 11

I have been on here since about June 05, I miscarried my first and gave birth to my ds last June, the support of the women on here through my miscarriage and pregnancy and now through into infant care has been brill, I just ignore all the drama in here, i never participate. I don't have any friends close to me that have babies so you guys are all I have. I love it that i can post any question, however big or small or silly and get so much different advice. Thanks ladies xxx


HANNAHs Mom - March 11

1) Mommy camaraderie 2) Love to share & learn from other moms...everything from babies, relationships to meals 3) It is such a welcome break coming on this site to break up a sometimes monotonous or crazy day! --- I first came to this site in Nov 04 after I experienced a miscarriage & the support really helped me through it and I since stuck around for the birth of my second child and now I am just hooked : )


mommie2be - March 11

I've been a member since in Dec 2005. 1. Advice 2. Sanity Check 3. Camaraderie It's nice to have me-time in a mommy way. :D



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