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Christy - January 29

Brooke, LilMum, Steph, pbj, kimj, et al- where are you ladies? I haven't seen you guysi n a while. Well, I saw LilMum on here not so long ago, but still. How is everyone? I am sure the babies are keeping everyone busy. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and check in with ya'll! :)


jodie - January 30

hi! i popped into the topaz gang a couple of times. nick was born 11/19. u have ben right?


LilMum - January 30

Hey Christy, and all the other topaz ladies. I am glad you wrote something Christy, I was kind of wondering where our gang had gone. I usually pop in here in the evenings when both my kids are in bed, well, I should say, IF both my kids are in bed, and I don't have housework to catch up on. So how are things going with the babies?? Has everyone gone for 2 months shots alread? Doesn't it just break your heart? Mason cried alot and so did I, but that's why I make my hubby come along, it's just too hard for me to hold him while they give him needles. Does everyone have baby sites? Mine is (no -)


Christy - January 30

Hi, jodie and LilMum- what's up? Yes, I have Ben. He came on 11/7- three weeks early. We had the two month shots almost 3 weeks ago. It was terrible, but he got through it pretty well. Pretty much slept it off for two days. :) I have a (c___py) piczo site which needs updating: LillMum- your kidlets are so cute! I love Ethan's lttle jogging outfit (where Michelle is flipping him off, as you said.) I also posted a comment on you mil vent. :)


Christy - January 30

jodie- Do you have a site by any chance? Also, check out Brooke's if you can. She has some really beautiful pics up of Hannebelle.


jodie - January 31

Hello ladies! Yes I have a site for nick its I need to update cuz it's been a little while. Have any of you bought a jumperoo for your little ones? Nick loves to stand on my lap and jump so I went out and got himone. Oh my gosh..he loves it. He amaizes me...he even grabs the little toys and talks to the kangaroo. his little feet barely touch the floor but they reach enough for him to pounce a little. How are your babies doing with naps? Nick sleeps great at night but he will not sleep during the day unless we are in the car. It's so hard to get anything done around here because he loves to be held...ugh... he will hang out in his jumperoo for about 15 minutes..then he is bored. he gets bored under his baby gym and in his swing....he is a spoiled little guy.


Christy - February 1

Jodie- He is so cute! I like your website, too. I have a Jumperoo for Ben but haven't tried it yet because I don't think his head control is quite good enough for it yet. I think we'll be able to try it soon as he is getting a lot better with it. I know what you mean about these kids getting bored easily! Ben is the same way. He'll be happy with something for 10-15 minutes tops and then he starts crabbing to get out of it. Oh, well. I don't imagine their attention spans are all that well-developed yet either. LOL! :) BTW- Don't you love how they "talk'? I have these conversations with Ben on the changing table, in the bathtub, or when he is in his swing. He cracks me up! SO cute! :)


jodie - February 2

Christy- I do love it when nick talks. He makes the cutest faces when he does it too. His favorite place to talk is his changing table also...he seems to be the happiest there. He has been such a fuss pot tonight. He was extremely happy all day then around 8:00 (of course when american idol starts) he was screaming his lungs off! Sometimes he gets so overly tired he doesn't know what to do...we are still perfecting our schedule....hehehe. What bath tub do you have for ben? I have that safty first 4 in 1 tub...but I prefer showering or bathing with him...when I use that tub I put it in the big tub and bend over and it is such a pain! I also have this one that is supposed to fit in "MOST" sinks...but of course it doesn't fit in mine....go figure!


Christy - February 6

Jodie- Sorry it took a while for me to respond. I have Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub by The First Years. I usually stick it inside our bathtub and bathe him there. I have been giving Ben a bath every other night, but I think I may switch to every night since his hair is so oily. So, I put the Jumperoo together and stuck Ben in it the other day. LOL! It was so cute and funny. Ben's feet did not touch the floor so I put some books under them so he could try bouncing. He still needed some help from me, but he seemed to like it. He had to come out after 5 minutes b/c he got tired/fussy. He too is good at being a major fusspot. I swear it is like a switch. One minute he is screaming, the next he is cooing and smiling. I keep hearing that 4 months is a huge leap for them developmentally. I hope they are right. I am really looking forward to it. :)


bump - February 11



Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - February 12

Howdy, Strangers!!!! (Well, actually I'm the stranger ... sorry.) Life has been hard for me lately. Hannebelle is very definitely a clingy baby ... wants me constantly. She hasn't been napping much at all, and I really hope it's a stage she's going through because it doesn't seem healthy to me. I mean, she's obviously exhausted, but for some reason she fights sleep. Anyone else going through this? And teething, too?!?!? Drool everywhere (I call it "sugar") ... chomping on her little fists and gagging herself? Who else out there knows exactly what I'm talking about? Oh, and she STILL refuses any type of artificial nipple or pacifier (and I've spent money on every kind out there) she turns her nose up at everything but ME (she don't want Daddy; she don't want Lindsey; she don't want Laura; she don't want MeeMaw; she don't want Nanny; she don't want Granny, etc....) She wants nobody but me. Leaves little time to stay in touch with online buddies, you know? Baby Mozart buys me MAYBE six minutes ... makes it tough. I really need to get a good look at all your kiddos ... I love to have faces with names in my head ... I'm gonna try to do that right now. It seems like everytime I try to do more something interrupts ... haha. Sorry I've been a terrible "Keeper-in-Toucher." :)


jodie - February 13

Hi everyone! Christy...I can just picture ben with his little feet not touching the floor...hehehe. Nicks reach just enought so he can bounce side to side. He even grabs the little toys...its fun to watch. He was in his walker today and I put a little sea horse rattle on the tray and he was trying so hard to make his little hand grab it. It's like he would concentrate then throw himself to make his had was great. I just can't beleive how big he is getting. I was holding his little hands today and he was standing up...and he actually takes steps...ITS CRAZY. He moves his left leg...then his right leg...and he does it in slow motion. We had to video tape because it just looked sooo funny. I swear he will walk or stand before he even rolls over. He shows no interest in rolling at all. Heres a question for anyone. Nick has pretty bad cradle cap. He has lots of hair so its hard to see but i can feel the scabs where it it better to bathe more or bathe less. I have heard different things. It's funny cuz he always looks like he has dandruff.....hehehe. Brooke its sounds like you have a little mama's girl on your hands. I apparently used to be the same way when I was little and she always hoped I would have a clingy baby too. Luckily he lets anyone hold him....the only bad part is, is that he likes to be held. He gets bored easily if no one is holding him!


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - February 13

Jodie: I heard that the best thing to use for cradle cap is regular ol' dandruff shampoo ... and sure enough, it zapped it right off Hannebelle's head of a few uses. Something else to add to the conversation about standing & Jumperoos ... since Hannebelle was 11 weeks, she has been standing on her own in the Exer-saucer dilly ... I have been amazed at her head control, and am also surprised by her leg strength at such a young age. Like Nick, I think she'll be walking before she ever thinks of trying to roll over :) - she's NEVER even made an effort at that. I mentioned earlier about her "teething" and later today, she has started biting the c___p out of my nipples ... I am so sore. If I had any doubts at all about her teething at such a young age ... those doubts have vanished. She is most definitely trying to ease her discomfort and push a little toothie through ... remind me when Nick was born again?


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - February 13

Never mind ... sorry ... had time to check out your family website and there was the info on his birth. What a precious, handsome little man!!!!!!!!!!!


MC SANTINOS MOM - February 13



maryann - February 13

just wanted to join in too, if no one minds.. my baby boy was born on Nov 18, 2005 although he was due on Dec 23. MC Santinos Mom, love the website..gosh I wish I took more pics of myself during the prego days, but I was soooo sick and yucky looking...unlike you. Your son is such a cutie!


jodie - February 14

brooke- I will have to get some dandruff shampoo and try it. His poor little flakey head...hehehe. Nick and hannebelle sound so much alike. He has had awesome head control for quite sometime. I think he is just nosey and needs to see everything that is going on. I guess he takes after me...hehehe. That is so crazy that she is stuff. That's something I don't think I am looking forward to...hopefully he stays happy because he is such a happy baby. Anyways..thanks for the dandruff shampoo advice!



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