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apr - March 1

Ok, so I decided to do some spring cleaning and I am going through my closet. On one hand, I like to be up to fashion, so I buy new stuff every couple of years, obviously not my whole wardrobe, but u know...BUT on the other hand, I just dont know how to give old things away. So I have stuff that is soooo out've fashion but I cnt bring myself to give away to the charity fund here in town. So dh tells me that since I havent worn it in the past 5 years, I never will, so I may as well just let someone else enjoy it...and then I say, but maybe it will come back into fashion. So my stupid question is do things usually come back into fashion again (i dont mean in 50 years from now) or should i just get rid of it and make room for new stuff lol


Emily - March 1

make room for the new......


Heather F - March 1

make room for the new.


mcatherine - March 1

Toss it, girl - and then go shopping!!! 5 year old clothes won't come back around until you're too old to care about trends! No one wants to be that woman stuck in a time warp wearing out of date clothes to try and look 21 when she's really like 30!!! Besides - if you're not wearing them then you don't need them - and I'm sure there are people out there that really do. Help them out!


KLC - March 1

I just saw this on Good morning America the other day. The rule is that if you haven't worn it in the last three years - give it away.


CyndiG - March 1

Don't give it away, sell it on Ebay! Then take that money and go shopping! :O}


apr - March 1

Ok, lol. I just sent dh with 3 dusbin bags full of clothing to the charity fund. I prefer giving them away then selling on e-bay. there are those less fortunate then me who cant afford nice new clothes, so they may as well enjoy it. thanks all for your help


Lchan - March 1

Toss it! Styles do come back in fashion but they are never quite the same the second time. If you were to wear it again 10-20 yrs later it would look very dated.


LisaB - March 1

I fi haven't worn it in the last year out it goes. Make room....


mischelly30 - March 2

Donate it. Career Closet accepts used, but in good condition, work wear to donate to people who are in need. Careercloset dot org. Or, if it's not workwear, some other suggestions: donate to a women's shelter, your local church, domestic violence organization. I've even gone down to skid row and given out old sneakers, etc. that no longer fit to homeless people on the street. There are lots of people who could really use and would love to have your "out of date" clothes. If you feel the need to hang on to them, try altering them. You can do it yourself or take them to a tailor. Make dress slacks into cool knickers, long skirts into short ones, etc.


mischelly30 - March 2

Oh. I forgot to add that there are a lot of programs similar to career closet all over the country. If you google "donate work clothing" I'm sure you'll come up with a hit near your area.


LollyM - March 2

donate it! It always makes me feel better to get rid of stuff when I know I'm donating for a good cause =) I feel you on the spring cleaning! We are doing an entire sweep in our apartment! It's chaos! lol



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