Totally Ridiculous OT Question Sorry But I M Curious

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k.p.j.e. - February 17

OK so...especially since becoming married and a sahm all in a matter of months, I have had much more time to catch tv shows and movies and stuff, and also my taste in guys (just to have harmless crushes on, I'm faithful!) has really changed. So who is the most ridiculous guy you ladies are attracted to these days? Here's some of mine: Jack Black, Will Ferrel, and the chubby guy from American Idol (the contestant not Randy Jackson) and...........maybe a little Dr. Phil. I'm just asking because I can't believe how my preferences have changed since becoming "mature!"


Smilefull - February 17

Moe from the Doodlebops. Yes, you may laugh...sure, he wears orange...and lots of make up...but he's got the dance moves man!!!


k.p.j.e. - February 17

LMAO you gotta be kidding that is too much! I didn't know who that was so I looked it up online....good lord


k.p.j.e. - February 17

The blue one is cuter!!!!!!!!! Lol


Smilefull - February 17

the blue one is too mellow..he does nothing---he just agrees with the other two. Moe is adventurous.


aurorabunny - February 17

I made out with Jack Black on his tour bus back in my pre-pregnancy, pre-marriage crazy days. I'm pretty proud of myself. =) Always been a big Tenacious D fan, there's something so s_xy about those good senses of humor. And those Doodlebops scare the c___p out of me....LOLLOLOL.


Smilefull - February 17

they scared that c___p out of me in the beginning---but I've been getting a steady does of *Doo, doo doo, let's get on the bus, doo doo doo it's time for the show, doo doo doo let's get on the bus...doo doo doo, we'll don't you know! Come with me....* My friends warned me that having kids will do this to you.


vonzo - February 17

RIk Mayall, he's incredible sweaty and rude but i don;t know there's just something about him. Everyone always says E W W W W when i confess to that. I;ve only met 1 other person who likes him. He looks the complete opposite to my husband!!!


ssmith - February 17

I am totally attracted to Dr. Oz who is on Oprah every once in a while.....ooooh gosh......he's totally s_xy!


Deirdra - February 17

John Trovalto...Mel gibson...Bruce Willis...a little sean connery...


CyndiG - February 17

ssmith, I think Dr. Oz is way cute! Something about those scrubs! And weird I know, but Captain Feathersword from the Wiggles! :O}


Dawn - February 17

I like Wentworth Millar who plays Michael Scofield in Prison Break-yum yum. I also quite like Zach Braff who play Dr DJ in scrubs.


mommie2be - February 17

I don't like the show, but the single guy from Nip/Tuck (he also play Doom in Fantastic Four) is so HOT to me! I also like the guy who plays Dr. Cox on Scrubs.


hutcho1984 - February 17

James Gandolfini! (Tony Soprano) love him! also have a strange thing for bald guys! Bruce willis gets hotter the less hair he has! lol. Nicola x


Rabbits07 - February 17

While pregnant with Mason I developed this strange attraction to Capt. Feather Sword on the wiggles. I blame it on severe nausea affecting my sound


k.p.j.e. - February 17

Oooh love the guy from Nip/tuck too. Aurorabunny made out with Jack Black! Was he a good kisser? Did he have nice breath? Oh were you drunk? Ha ha. I love all these answers. Time to look up Feather sword.


k.p.j.e. - February 17

AAAH that guy is scary! You guys are just as messed up as me!



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