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tryingx3 - February 26

Is there a safe age to put a toy in bed and if so, what kind of toy? My 5.5 mo old woke up and was talking to her paci the other morning and got me wondering about this.


kellens mom - February 26

I don't know what the right answer to your question is. I do know that our dd had a small dolly that rattles in her bed when she was around 6 months old. We also attached a toy to the side of her crib with link-a-doos. It was low enough that she could bat at it. We still have not added much for toys (the dolly was replaced with a small dog). I suppose I did not want her to think the crib was a "play zone". She has just enough to occupy her and when she gets bored, she goes back to sleep. I hope someone has a better answer for you.


KLC - February 26

Aaron sleeps with his lovey. Its a blanket sort of thing with a teddy bear head that makes a raddle sound if you shake it. He absolutely can not sleep without it. He rubs the blanket part on his face to get to sleep. It is way too cute!!!


austinsmom - February 26

I have the baby einstein blocks that stay in the crib with my little one and have since he was 4 months. They come in a set of 4 blocks that are large and the four surfaces feel differant on each block and they are differant colors etc. They are 100% safe and it gives my lo something to play with without me worrying about any kind of dangers. He loves the frog block that vibrates when you pull the frog's leg.


Brittany - February 26

I agree with all three of the girls, I have a link-a-doo that attatch to my daughters crib that plays music when she pulls it, she also sleeps with a "lovey" as KLC called daughter LOVES it so much (my son has one too and can't live without it). I also have the baby einstein blocks but I don't put them in my dd's crib but now that I think about it, I could if I run to get a quick shower to keep her occupied. My dd is 8 months. I think as long as they have control of their arms and can move things around or off of them, it's ok but not like huge teddy bears or stuffed animals, I could just see something like that falling on my babies face and it would be too heavy for her to pull off.


ssmith - February 26

I just have a crocheted blanket that dd loves to sleep with. Personally, I don't like the idea of toys in a crib because I don't want dd to get confused about what the crib is meant for. I am afraid that if I put a toy in there, she'll think that the crib is a place to play....not to sleep. However, I would think that once they are able to roll would be safe to put a toy in there if you wanted.


tryingx3 - February 26

Thanks! I was just thinking if she woke up in the morning (or the middle of the night for that matter) she might find something entertaining. I have considered a "lovey" - may have to add that to my shopping list.


piratesmermaid - February 26

Gretchen's had a small syuffed baby teddy bear since birth. It was at the end of the cradle by her feet until she was 4months old. My hubby had it made for her at the Buddy Factory the second day she was home.


piratesmermaid - February 26

Oh, and we use the bear only for nap and bed times now, so she knows its time to sleep (I don't think she likes it anymore, actually, she always cries when she sees me get it out.) ;)


EMBERBABY - February 26

dd also has a lovey, its exactly like KLC described. I usually let her keep at night but sometimes get it out of her crib just after she falls asleep. We take it on shopping trips with us as well.


flower.momma - February 26

I would think that is old enough. The only way my 3-month old will sleep is if he is hugging this thing that sounds alot like the lovey KLC's son has.


Jmom - February 26

My ds has a lovey and a teddy ebar that makes the womb noise. he's had the bear since he was about 2 months old- I just put it on the opposite corner of the crib as him (other side). He started with the lovey around 6 months.



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