Toy Storage

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piratesmermaid - February 12

Gretchen's only almost 7months old and she has tons of toys! My hubby wants to make her a toy box, but I don't know when he'll have the time. What do ya'll use for toy storage?


KLC - February 12

Honestly, I think toyboxes are way too expensive. We get those different colored storage bins with the lids and use those as toy boxes. We put the lids away and rotate the boxes every couple of months so that they don't get bored with the same old or overwhelmed because they have too many toys. Spoiled rotten little boogers!!!!!


Nita_ - February 12

Right now all her toys are either in her packnplay ba__sinet(which doesnt get used!) or on her changing table(which we don't use either!). Been thinking of a storage box as her toys ARE getting too many! LOL!


Nerdy Girl - February 12

My two kids' toys have completely overtaken the house. We have a toy room now with two large toyboxes (plastic ones - can't remember the brand) on one wall, along with the play kitchen and grocery store, doll crib & high chair, etc, etc. On the other side is a huge shelving unit that we bought at IKEA. It is loaded with those tupperware bins - one for barbies, one for My Little Pony, one full of Leap Pad and catridges, several full of Little People, etc etc. The shelving unit lets us keep the choking hazards up high (like legos) so that our 4 year old has to ask to have them. Then we know the legos are out and can keep a close eye to make sure the baby doens't eat them. The bottom part of the shelving unit has doors, and that is where we have the board games and such. The toys are OVERTAKING MY LIFE!


Allie - February 12

My older two keep all their toys in their rooms; the baby has a wicker basket in the living room; the bottom shelf of the bookshelves in my room, and a bunch of shelves in her own room (which she doesn't play in yet).


Shea - February 12

I actually have a small laundry basket I keep his toys in downstairs, and shelves upstairs in his room, I would like a toybox when he is older, but right now it's just another piece of furniture for him to fall and bump his head on, lol.


luviduvi - February 12

We have some laundry baskets that are set up for toys. We also have a very large toybox that helps a ton. The lid is detachable so no worries about falling on babies head. Its the little tikes toybox. Toy r us........$55 I think.


piratesmermaid - February 12

I have thought about using a basket or hamper of some sort, but I can't find one BIG enough!


SonyaM - February 12

Where to begin. In the living room we have a wooden toy box that my dh painted the accent color of the living room (which happens to be a farmhouse red). We also have drawers in the LIFESIZE entertainment center and there are some things in there as well. Then there are the things that don't fit in anything like the little people circus, farm, dollhouse, bus, plane and the bounce and spin zebra and those are on the floor. Then we have a grameroom upstairs where all the other stuff is. Then my older son has stuff in his room too. JEEZ, it's amazing how we all survivied without all of these toys.


piratesmermaid - February 12

I suppose I could just get a couple smaller baskets and put them in a couple rooms instead of just hers, but we have dogs as well, and I'm a bit Monica-ish when it comes to organization. (I was so not this way, though, before Gretchen was born! :)



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