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-m - November 5

I have a 3 months old baby girl and I'm wondering what kind of toys she might be interested in. I have a swing, which she looks like she's getting bored of. I also have a infant to toddler rocker chair that vibrates that she likes. What kind of things does everyone else use with their 3 month old?


TC - November 5

Things that are overhead and at arms length will be great for her. She would try to swat at it. Also, in order for her to get some tummy time, you can get a play mat that has different textures and sounds on it so that she will be interested in staying on her tummy. And don't forget the books!!! Books like the "Touch and Feel" series are excellent.


Jbear - November 6

Once she can hold her head up really well, an exersaucer is great. My daughter is almost 12 weeks and her favorite toy is an arch that plays music and lights up (she lies on her back and looks up at it). Her second favorite is a stuffed bear that she chews on. My older daughter loved (and still does) anything noisy and anything with a mirror.


Shelly - November 6

What kind of swing do you have?


Jamie - November 6

Anything bright and colorful, and things that make different noises. She's gonna start reaching for stuff soon so stuff that she can bat at. (My 12 week old just started batting at her toys in the last 3 or 4 days.)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 6

Get the Animusic DVD. It is a musical dvd with lots of bright colors and noise. Amaya loves it and started really liking it when she was about 3 months old. We watch it once a day! The peek-a-boo blocks are great too!


Narcissus - November 6

Baby Einstein has a cute book called, "Mirror Me". Aja loved to look at himself in the mirrors on each of the pages. The illustrations are perfect for a child that is 3 months.


angela - November 6

get her a play gym my daughter loved it when she was 3 months old and thats how she learned how to roll over by trying to reach the toys on top. i have the Fisher-Price Flutterbye Dreams Deluxe Gym you can buy it at target she loves it



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