Toys And Games For 7 8 Month Old Baby

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Nita_ - February 8

My dd is 7 months old and am starting to feel like I don't entertain her enough/she doesn't have the right developmental toys or I don't know enough games to play with her. What kinda toys does/did your 7month old have and what did they like best? We bought an exersaucer a couple of months back but just started using it but she doesn't stay in it for more than 10 mts and sometimes even less and starts crying! She seems to want to held all the time which I'm getting a bad backache from! what kinda of games can I play with her?


ashtynsmom - February 8

Is she crawling?


Emily - February 8

my 7.5 mo dd will play on the floor for an hour at a time. She used to like her exerdaucer but now would rather play on the floor. we sit her in the corner of the living room where all the toys are and she goes at it. She will sit for a while and then she will roll around and do her half crawl, half scoot thing. She likes b___s and blocks. Dont worry about if it is developmental or not! Toys are suposed to be fun. She likes board books and these little fisher price fish. There is one big plastic fish and three little puppet fish inside. Each has a diffenent sond, one crunches, one squeks, and one rattles. One of her favorite games though is when her two year old sister puches her down, rips open her pjs and b__ws a rasberry on her tummy! scare me to death! she likes to try to pull herslef up now so I encourage that and lay a few feet awy and tryt o coax her to crawl. I thin I am so lucky that she plays so well on her own. I do not have as much time to hold her as I did my oldest.....casue she is now 2 1/2 and I have to deal with her and a baby.


shelly - February 8

hi nita ,my ds is 7 months and is going through that wants to be held phase as well, all he seems to want are teether toys, or whatever im holding at that time, he loves balloons and soft b___s, its so hard when they want to be held all the time,my backs killing me as well. emily ,thats good that dd will play for a hour,mine will whinge after 20 mins.


Lchan - February 8

My son has 3 toys he loves! One is a ball popper. He crawls over to it all the time and tries to stick everythign into the spout. He also loves his v-tech steering wheel. The third one is a walker that he pushed like a shopping cart. he loves to put his toys in a compartment it has and push them all around the house. Before he could creep, we'd fold it down and he would crawl and push it. He loves these 3 toys and I finally have some time to relax.


dee23 - February 8

nita, i have the same problem. ds is 7 months old and will just crawl around the floor trying to get to non toys, so i a__sume he is somewhat bored with his toys. there is a baby and kids market in our area with seconds, so we are going this weekend to try and find him some better toys. specifically, we are looking for the fisher and price board toys that have all kins of activitys in one. i know he likes them because he had a chance to play with one in playgroup. afew other things she could like are stack toys, kick toys like the fisher price kick n play piano, umm, anything that lights up and makes noise when moved or touched, like those roll around toys or laughing soft toys. she will also like anything with different textures and shapes, like b___s and squares and maybe those ones that have something inside them. also a shape sorter of some sort. they are fantastic, but just dont get the tupperware shap-o-sorter because they can get hurt in the opening. another good one is a small bucket that has lots of shapes in in that she can take out and put back in, very cheap and effective. and if your creative, you could make hand puppets or pull toys on a string to encourage crawling. some babies also love non toys, i know ds loves cardboard boxs, the camera and the mobile phone. i also notice he would rather lay on a mat on the gra__s rather than inside when he is having a bad day. hope this helps :) if i think of more ill post!


Nita_ - February 8

Thanks ladies! Ashtynsmom - yes, she started to crawl a few days ago. So I take her downstairs(which is carpeted) and put her down in her activity gym (which she used to LOVE! but not anymore..she just wants to hold onto me and kneel/stand up. I don't want her to grow up to be clinging onto me always! One of my friend's baby was like that and I just felt so sorry for her and now I see my lo turning into one! I sure hope it's a phase! I need to get some smalls and different shaped toys that you gals suggested. Unfortunately dee23, its SOOOO cold outside I can't take her out. She likes nontoys as well - phone, spoons, lotion bottles, newspaper and her favorite thus far -- cereal box! She's sitting una__sisted well these days, so I've been able to give her some toys while sitting but again, only likes it for 2-3 mts and then again is crying for me to pick her up. She used to never cry before so this phase is really tiring me out! :(


Nita_ - February 9

She played in her exersaucer for a whole 1/2 hr this morning!! Yuhoo!! While I ate my breakfast and was tidying up my kitchen and then afterwards in her crib for another 1/2 hr while I chatted on the phone with my friend! Hope she continues this way and not become a 'clingy' baby!


Danielle19 - February 9

my son likes anything that isn't a toy, his favorite are empty cereal and klenex boxes and measuring spoons, i got him his own set at the dollar store and keep them in the kitchen so he thinks there mine, he does love the fisher price blocks too!



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