Toys Bouncer Swing When Do They Enjoy Them

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HH - June 24

Hi ladies, my dear son Jaad is 4 weeks old today. We are doing well so far except for the interrupted sleep which is normal at this stage. However, during the day when he's up, I feel obliged to always have him in my arms to have him entertained..he does not seem to know how to enjoy (on his own) his bouncer, swing or even a simple rattle toy at this age. My question is, when do they start enjoying their gadgets and toys? It's very easy to get things done around the house if they enjoy them and are busy with them for couple of hours. Thanks alot for your help!


Jamie - June 24

He probably can enjoy the bouncer and swing now, and also possibly a tummy-time mat or floor gym. Newborns are pretty much content to look at things, cause everything is new and interesting.


Jamie - June 24

By bouncer, do you mean the doorway jumper, or oen of the seats that gently bounces? Cause he's too young for a doorway jumper. (A friend at another board referred to the doorway jumper as a bouncer, made me think of it.)


bean - June 24

My lo is 6 weeks and can stay in a swing or a bouncer (vibrating chair) for only a few minutes at a time. But I've noticed that as time pa__ses she's content in her swing for longer (long enough to cook dinner or eat breakfast) if I have the swing phase our slider and she can look out the window.


Bonnie - June 24

Well....hang up the couple hours ;P Mason is 5 months and still has to be entertained most of the time. He'll sit in his bouncy chair or exercauser for 20 minutes IF I get very lucky, lol.


ConnorsMommy - June 24

my ds didnt start enjoying (on his own) his toys and such till he was 4 months old! he ALWAYS wanted me to be with him and holding him... i got a papoose to carry him around with me while i did all the house work... but now he happily plays with his toys by himself for an HOUR at a time... good thing too... cuz he was getting too heavy for me to haul him around in a papoose all day ; P


Eryn @ MN - June 24

My daugher didn't until 4 moths old either



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