Toys For 1 Yr Olds What Did Your LO Get For

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cae - January 12

What did your LO get for Christmas that you recommend and DO NOT recommend? Ethan 1rst B-Day is coming up, and we plan to go shopping for presents. We are thinking about getting the boucning zebra, and the Ball Pit, for those whose LO just got these, what do you think?


BreaunasMommy - January 12

we just got the bouncing zebra right after christmas. It was sold out at every store here before then. My dd loves it and it is ver sturdy so you dont have to worry about it tipping over. You could get gim some jumbo blocks like the legos. The ball pit sounds good to I want to get my dd one but havent been able to find it.


jb - January 12

I want to know how the Zebra is too!! I also want the ball pit (already heard many good reviews). Bridget got the ball popper for was pretty cool. On of the coolest things she got was the Vtech Smartville Alphabet Train Station. My brother got it for her. It has a lot of different things to learn the alphabet, words and lots of interactive animals. The only bad part (which I could care less about) is that it has a lot of pieces. Maybe like 15 different animal characters. Those were the main ones that I thought were worth mentioning. I hope it helps.


BaileysMummy - January 12

I got my son the bouncing zebra for christmas as well as a ball pit. He just turned one on Dec 14 and absolutely loves them. It really depends on what your child is interested little man LOVES trucks and cars that he can push along.


BaileysMummy - January 12

The mega blocks are excellent too....we have a large fire truck filled with blocks


SonyaM - January 12

We got the bounce and spin zebra too and we really like it. My son likes it too but it's not somthing that will occupy him for longer than a few minutes at a time. It is super cute though and he will randomly go over and ride it. He also got a fisher price piggy bank that has big plastic coins to put in it and then a side door to get them out. Makes cute sounds/songs and my son loves it. Also recommend the little tikes shape sorter toolbox. He LOVES it!!! He is 15 months old. Oh, he also likes the fisher price circus but not the ramps around town garage.


Shea - January 12

It's funny, I thought the zebra was going to be a big hit, but not so much. He occa__sionally will get on it, but not much. The ball pit was a huge hit. I actually got the megaland 3 tent set, one of which is a ball pit. Definately get extra b___s, it came w/ 50, and I bought an add'l 100, wish I'd bought add'l 200.


ashtynsmom - January 12

Ashtyns favorites are a ride-on Disney toy that has "pop-up"charachters when you push the b___tons on the dash, headlights, etc... Another one is a toy that has 5 b___s in it and you push a b___ton and it plays music and the b___s pop up and down. It is really neat... and she plays with it over and over. Also, the learn and sing Puppy. Another favorite is her little people bus. It is a school bus and comes with 3 little people. She loves to push the bus around and put things in and out of it. She got about 100 toys... and these are her favorites!! ha She will be one on Jan 23rd.


ashtynsmom - January 12

The name of that ball toy is the Playskool Busy ball popper. This is by far har favorite- and the Little People Bus!! :)


lrodriguez83 - January 12

I would highly recommend the baby grand piano by fisher price. My little boy loves it and plays with it alot. He is 10 months old. Also the leapfrong leapstart learning table that is english and spanish. He plays with that alot as well.


LisaB - January 12

My ds LOVES his ball pit so I highly recommend that he has the bouncing Zebra and he likes its it but basiclly only plays the music he will sit on it and bounce but only for about 30seconds and then hes bored with it. Takes up alot of space for him not to be into it. He loves all the Little People stuff he has the circus, barn, airplane and more little ones and is into those. He LOVES a wood push toy he got that has wooden beads that spin around takes it everywhere. Also his popper that he pushes he into. Hes a book nut so any books are great for him also wooden puzzles with the knobs on the pieces are great. And mega blocks ok I'm stopping


BreaunasMommy - January 13

where did you get the ball pit and whats the name of it. I have been looking for one for my dd and cant find one anywhere. Thanks


melissa g. - January 13

You should check out -- they have an online catalog and they carry ball pits -- I am planning on getting one for my dd's 1st b-day in Feb, as well as a small chair that is toddler size from Pottery Barn Kids, they run about $80, i believe. She got so many things at x-mas, that I think that will be it. She got the Fisher Price Learning Home for Christmas and she LOVES it, plays with it every day, pretty much all day long some days! It is a fantastic toy, I think, for us it has been anyway! She also got a small rocking horse, (catapillar), but she isnt able to really ride it yet. Oh -- She also got a push toy walker that converts to a ride toy and she really likes that.



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