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ash2 - March 14

This kind of ties with the thread on " childhood memories"....what traditions do you plan on creating for your own family ? Have you got some already ? For example, every summer on our way to the beach, we stop at this country store half way and get an ice cream every year.....: )


tryingx3 - March 14

We still have a drive-in movie theater - I am guessing that will become part of our summers.


ash2 - March 14

Man i would love to have one of those : )


austinsmom - March 14

Traditions are important to me.......I want to make a tradition that every year just me and hubby and lo go on vacation together anywhere as long as it is not a commercial area and we all spend quality time learning about the outdoors (a very broad subject but you will never know it all) together and discovering new things together (have a great adventure!!!)


ash2 - March 14

I want to also make a tradition of roller skating or bowling : ) It is not very common now a days and it is something we all enjoy !


Emily - March 14

Most of our traditions are around the holidays. We started a new one this year where we bake cookies with our two year old. We left them and a note for Santa. We also continue ones form my childhood, like going to grandmas at the same time and having the same thing for supper every time. His dad and step mom have the same thing every year too, Italian Beef. It is so good. I have tried making it, but I just can't, not like her. She is my fav mil, is that bad that I like his step mom who has only been married to his dad for ten years better then his mom who has been his mom for 30? Anyway we also go up to the local ice cream shop (its kinda like a local DQ with out the name, it’s the Tastee Treat.) we go each spring when they birng back the lemom ice cream for the summer. We also go visit my dh grandma's grave every 4th of July (she died the 4th of July the summer before we started dating.) We visit my Grandma's grave and take her an Easter Lily every Easter and a ponsetta every Christmas. She died in Jan, but she loved Christmas ans Easter and lillys and ponsettas. Would like to start a family camping trip each summer. Just to the lake outside of twon, we would only be like five mintutes from the house…..but still it is fun to be out on the lake. Also each spring we have a fire and roast hot dogs and make smores to celebrate all the family b-days in April and May…..


ash2 - March 14

Hey emily, i thought about the camping thing too. We have a state park around 10 minutes from our house and it would be ideal ! Ashton ( 4 year old ) want to roast marshmellows soooo bad, but we dont have anything to do it with ( like a bomfire , lol )


Crissy - March 14

We just bought a new camper because we love to camp. We really hope to take it out often and have lots of outdoors-type fun. We are taking it up to Wisconsin this summer for a family reunion camping trip with my husband's side of the family, and I am soooo excited! :-) I hope to do these kinds of things often.


Mellissa - March 14

DH and I have started a tradition of going to a different Nascar Race every year. So far we've been to Phoenix and Texas Motor Speedway. We miss out last year since he was gone all season, but hopefully we'll make up for it by going to 2 this year! When the LO's get a little older we'll start taking them with us.


ash2 - March 14

Hey mellissa, you must like the nascar thing. I hate it, lol . I went for the first time when i was 6 weeks preggo and left with such a headache, lol


Mellissa - March 14

lol Yeah, dh got me into it. I used to think it was stupid, but now I even watch it without him! :) I personally prefer to watch it on tv than to sit in the stands.. but it's the excitement of spotting your driver in the crowd or something that gets me. (I got like 3 feet away from Kasey Kahne and thought I was going to have a heart attack. lol)


mandee25 - March 14

I definitely want to take our son camping when he is old enough and to the waterslides, minigolf, swimming and all that fun stuff. Sliding in the winter time with marsmallow and weinie roasts.


srigles - March 14

We're boaters, so ds will be spending just about every weekend in the summer (plus a two-week holiday) on the boat. We spend a lot of time with other families with kids on the water, so I think that'll be a positive experience for him. Also, I want to make sure we spend every Christmas Day at our place. That's what my parents did once I was born, and I think it's nice if we can get away without being forced to travel on Christmas Day. And I think we have lots of little routines that will be important as Keegan gets older. You know, like on Wednesday nights in the summer, we get a DQ sundae and walk the beach - and listen to oldies on the radio as we drive there. That kind of thing. Or going to our favourite restaurant. Campfires in the backyard. Stuff like that. I know my childhood memories of the "little things" still mean so much to me.


bradylove - March 14

I am really big on traditions. My mom never was so I think I overcompensate, but I just think it's so important. Well, we go out for ice cream on sundays after supper, mainly in the spring and summer, but occasionally in fall and winter too. Pizza and salad on Fridays. We watch a movie on tv every Saturday, but it has to be on tv, can't be rented or pay-per-view (TBS is our friend for that!). That one's been mainly dh and I since the boys are too little, so we take advantage of their pm naps, but soon our older ds will be able to join us. We go on at least one summer vacation just the four of us. Usually somewhere close to home. We have beautiful beaches, little resort areas and nature parks to hike and explore. I make a big deal out of birthdays. I always bake my own cake and make sure everyone feels special on their day. And the usual Christmas traditions are always nice. We mainly spend those with dh's family since my family is so small and not very close. I love this thread ash2! It's giving me some great ideas!


Lindsey - March 15

Because ds and I share the same birthday, I'm gonna make sure through the years (hopefully he's stillwant too aswell, when i'm grey and old) that we do something special everyyear. It will be his 1st birthday 15th June (i'm 28) so I'm letting him have this one to himself lol, then i'll tag on. My dh and I still have 1 anniversary card, we sign it every year, so maybe ds and I could do something like that, maybe a birthday memory book.


Emily - March 15

oh and along the lines of what Mellissa said, we go to pro baseball alot. We go to several games a year in Saint Louis. And nope hubby did not get me started, I got him started! Go Cards! We are a baseball family and it cmoes form my dads' mom! she was the biggest fan. She had season tickets for several seasons and those seh didn't she listened to every game on the radio as she only got two network channels (NBC and CBS off air, and couldn't watch the games) Anyway we took Mary to her first game the last season at the old Busch Stadium. She was 12 mos and still talks about it. She doesn't remember but she hears us talk about it and she sees the pictures so she talks about ti and is looking forward to going this year. Also we are going ot take the gils to the zoo this year and hope to do that every sping. or maybe go between the Saint Louis zoo and Grants Farm every year.......(we live about two and half hours form Saint Louis.)


Emily - March 15

ash2 we actually took Mary camping when she was 12 mos old and she really did well and I think had fun. she liked to eat the marshmellows without roasting them first......



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