Transition Into Daycare

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brmi0202 - June 22

I have been a stay at home mom with my first son for almost 7 months now. We just bought a house and I need to find a part time job, but am worried about putting our son in daycare. We found a lady that does daycare through her home and will probably meet with her next week to interview her. But I am most worried about how he will react. He is VERY clingy with us and always wants to be held. Also when I put him down for naps during the day we have a little routine that works quite well. I am nervous that he wont take good naps at daycare and he will be very unhappy. He has had ALL of our attention since day one and once he goes in daycare that will all change. I am so scared that something will happen to him while shes not watching or one of the other kids will play too rough with him (typical mom worries!) Does anyone have any advice for how I can slowly transition him into the daycare setting??


Heather - June 22

Hi brmi0202, unfortunately I don't have any advice for you. I am in the same boat as you though. My son has been staying with his grandma for 3 months since I had to go back to work. We are building a house right now and once we move in we are putting him in daycare and I am so scared how he is going to react to it. He too is used to one on one attention and routine. I would love to hear other's advice!!! He will start daycare July 10th so I only havea few more weeks!!


JAI - June 22

I live in Canada and we get 1 year off for mat leave. My son is just under 8 months, so I don't have too much longer before I am due to go back to work. I feel the same way you do....I cannot even imagine dropping him off at a daycare, the thought sickens my whole insides. Like you I have my way of putting him down for a nap, he always needs to see me, we do everything together. Urrr it is so upsetting. My friends told me that they would do the transition by going to the daycare with the child start with an hour, then go back and you leave after a little and let them stay there alone for even an hour, do that a couple of times and that is suppose to help. Good Luck!!!


Jamie - June 23

Something I've noticed the few times I've left my daughter in a daycare situation - she actually has fun. I think htat if you go into it with the att_tude that it's not "daycare" because you have to work, but rather it's a "playdate" so that your little one can make friends, your outlook on the situation improves, and your baby picks up on it. Serenity is a total momma's bear, but she's just fine with sitters or in daycare - sometimes I get sad because it feels like she didn't even miss me.


Ginny - June 23

I know what you mean Jamie, I worry that she won't have a good time, then she does, and I feel jealous. I've worked in daycares and schools before, brmi0202, and the thing to remember is that anyone who does this for a living is expecting your baby to have to transition, so they will be kind and patient. Most daycares/ caregivers don't mind at all if you bring the baby by and stay for a few hours to see how things work. When you interview her, ask her what she suggests to help, also. And about kids hurting each other, i won't say it will never happen, but safety is the number ONE priority of any daycare worth its salt, and most potential problems will be solved before they happen (i.e. seperate play areas for different ages). Good luck with everything! Let us know how it turns out.



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