Transition To Crib

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EricaG - January 1

Well, Abby will be 6 months on the 19th and we want to transition her over to the crib at that time. As of right now she sleeps in a co-sleeper that hooks to our bed. My husband, her, and I all go to sleep at the same time, around 10:30. She needs her pacifier to fall asleep so we give her that and she falls asleep, it falls out and we have to give it to her a few more times and she's out for good (this process usually takes about 5 minutes). She wakes up about 2-4 times during the night for her pacifier and around 6:00 A.M. She wakes up and I nurse her, then put her back in the co-sleeper and she usually falls right asleep, maybe fussing for her pacifier once or twice, but not usually. Then her and I both get up around 9:30. So, now that you know her sleeping habits, does anybody have any suggestions for a smooth transition. BTW, her crib is in the room next to ours. I really want my bedroom back but I don't want to be jumping up to soothe her a bunch during the night. also, btw, we have a twin bed in her nursery so I could move in there for a few nights if it will make the transition easier. Thank you!


mcatherine - January 1

Does she nap in her crib during the day? I transitioned both of my boys (one from our bed, the other from a ba__sinet) by starting them on naps first so they grew accustomed to the view from the crib. Doing it at night came easily for both of them it seemed - as I rocked them to groggy, but before they were asleep. (I would also pull the pacifier as I rocked them to break the habit of needing it to fall/stay asleep). Then step back from the crib, ease towards the door - but stay close to soothe. I didn't pick them up, but I stroked thier heads and hushed or ssshhhed them. If I did have to pick them up, I only picked them up long enough to clam them and then put them back down. It took a few nights of running in and out to get into the routine, but my 4.5 mo old went from going to sleep in his ba__sinet with us at 10:30 to falling asleep on his own between 8 and 8:30. He still falls asleep with his paci, but he doens't wake for it in the middle of the night anymore. Good luck!


Erin1979 - January 1

I did the same as mcatherine. I started Cate napping in the crib during the day. Some nights were better than others....most of the time she would find her paci on her own, but there were nights when I was getting up quite a few times to put it back in. I tried not to jump every time she makes a noise....only to come when she's really going. That way she has learned to soothe herself, but knows I'll be there if she's really upset. Good luck!!



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