Transitioning To Cow S Milk 12 Months

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DDT - November 11

My ds is almost 9 months old and this is something I'm starting to think about. He currently drinks 3 bottles of warmed formula a day. How easy is it to transition from warm formula to cold milk? how easy is it to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup? should I start offering him room temp to cold formula in a sippy cup over the next couple of months so the transition is gradual? What are your experiences or readings on this topic??? Thanks! Also, he is starting in-home daycare when he is 11 months old (we live in Canada so generally most kids start their daycare after our 1 year maternity is up)...will the daycare want him transitioned to the sippy cup by the time he goes? Any thoughts? Thanks again!


kellyflynn - November 13

my son is almsot 9 month it's easy at first al li did was give him some plan milk in a bottle and he loved it now. and to a sippy cup get the nubby or what ever there called with the soft sippy part so it's like a nipple that what i did and or for the milk start with part milk part of his formal and warm it up he take it mine only 8 mont hand he loves it daycare or narmal good my son is one rate now and has been since he was three month and ask and most good daycare wil let the child get use to it they won't force them childern need to learn on there own time, they proble help him on to the change and just let him on his on paes mine he starting on his sippy cup and his daycare help him out and trying to get him ot use it but he won't they don't force him they just tell him he done good but try so just slowly change him and he get it


drea - November 15

my dd is 13 months and when she turned 12 mos I started by mixing 1/2 formula with 1/2 milk in a bottle. Then I gradually went all to milk and now she absolutely LOVES it. My dd also liked her formula warm so i thought it would be a problem, but it wasnt. She was also drinking cold water before so she was used to it. As far as the bottle/sippy cup thing is concerned, it should be totally up to you and your lo. My dd dosent really like her sippy (except with milk in it), but later in the day she just wants her bottle. I have never heard of day care making children use a sippy. My lo is starting day care in January and they just told us to bring bottles or whatever she is using at that time.



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