Travel W 7 Month Old

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Atira36 - November 5

We are traveling from Oregon to Florida (w/ connecting flight) over the Thanksgiving Holiday to visit the Grandparents. Instead of being excited- I am so nervous about this! I am mostly nervous about the actual flight. We opted to hold him b/c tickets were $450+. We chose aisle & middle seats. I am also having anxiety about our 9 day stay at the Grandparents. Will my son not be able to sleep in a strange place at this age? Will his schedule be completely off due to the time difference? Any tips/advice from Moms who have traveled w/ babies would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Gretta - November 5

I have traveeled with my DD several times now and she is 8 mos. We took her overseas to Scotland and just across the states. My advice is to bring a Boppy pillow on the plane to help you hold your little one, bring an umbrella stroller to naviget through the airport and as far as the time change adjust it half way like if there is a 4 hour time change put him down 2 hours later and expect him to wake up earlier. They adjust pretty well! Have fun! Don't be nervous its not so bad :)


tryin44 - November 5

We flew from Oregon to Florida this past Feb. It was not so good but I would think if she would have been younger it would actually been easier. We flew at night thinking she would sleep. Well, she decided to keep up everbody both ways. I would say try to keep baby up as much as you can til the flight.


newbabyras - November 7

I just took my ds when he turned 7 mo. I was really nervous too. I took way too many toys on the plane, and instead of his normal diaper bag, i put everything in a duffel bag. that didn't work very well, and on the trip back, i just put the basics in his diaper bag: favorite toys, cheerios, and lovely. He was more interested in flirting with the flight attendant. I did figure out the dvd player with "Finding Nemo" was a life saver for the last hour. You'll be amazed at how well he does. my mom found an article on parents "dot" com. search "how to fly with baby" author is bob payne. i'd put the url in, but it's huge and i know it will get kicked out...good luck, and relax :)



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