Traveling On The Plane

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nic nac - May 21

We are going to travel this week and I need some suggestions on what to do to help keep our dd's ears from popping. The ped said to feed her during take off and landing. But what is she refuses the bottle? and if you do suggest this, do you feed as soon as the plane starts taking off and when do you start feeding when the plane lands? She eats every 4 hours and the plane ride is only 2 hours and she doesn't eat between meals. This feeding suggestion seems to hard and is a timing issue. Do you ladies have any better ideas? Thanks.


pbj - May 21

It's funny you asked this question...dh and I were discussing last night how much of a pain in the rear it would be if I took dd on a plane trip to visit my parents. I have also heard feeding them during take off would help, so I a__sume that if your LO takes a pacifier that would also help. Wish I had some better suggestions, maybe someone else will.


nic nac - May 21

pbj thanks. my dh said we should try the paci too. but she only takes it when she is ready to sleep and she only sucks for a few minutes. she absolutely will not take it any other time.


LisaB - May 21

Hi I used to be a flight attendant and I would say the most important time to feed would be during landing during take off it USUALLY isn't as hard on your ears, if your dd takes a pacifer I would give her one during take off and then start feeding at the top of descent. The captain will make an annoucement saying you will be starting down then about 5-15 minutes later you will hear them "cycle" the fasten seat belt sign which means they will turn it off and back on right away that means you have about 10 minutes til your on the ground. I would start feeding at that time. However after being a flight attendant for the past eight years I always buy ds a seat and strap him in his car seat for take off and landing its sooooooooo much safer. We have flown a couple times and his ears didn't seem to bother him at all, the last time he cried when I put him in his seat for landing but I figure hes gotta be in the seat in the car hes gotta be in the seat for the plane. Depending on the size and type of plane that will make a huge diffence in pressure on your dd ears. ANything she can chew on should help also or drink even water the swallowing motion will help poop her ears as will yawning. Depending on how old she is it may not even faze her. Also once you are in the air I'd say 95% of babies chill and sleep something about the roar of the engines. Good luck and have fun.


nic nac - May 21

thanks a lot LisaB! my dd is 4.5 months. If she doesn't eat is there something else i can do? I just want a back up plan just in case. I will definitely give this a try.


kellens mom - May 22

My dd and I are planning a plane trip soon as well. When my dd had thrush, the doc recommended giving her yogurt to bring the yeast under control. She loves it. To keep the thrush under control, we continue to dip the tip of her pacifier in it. She loves the yogurt and really starts to suck her pacifier like mad. I will be taking a small bit of yogurt on the plane with us just in case she is not in the mood to take a bottle.



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