Traveling To The Caribbean W Baby

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DANI - April 12

I have a few questions for you moms that have traveled to hot & humid places with your little one. My little guy will be 7 mo. at the time we travel.First, what should I bring w/ us besides the obvious, and how did your travel go w/ your baby? I'm kinda nervous to travel to a foreign country b/c he is so young, but I'm sure we'll be fine. I was thinking to buy an umbrella stroller instead of bringing our reg. stroller. Any suggestions or advice would help.....thanks!


TRP - April 12

I would say just make sure you bring cool clothes for your little guy to wear and lots os sunblock! Which I'm sure you already will! I think the umbrella stroller would be more convenient to take on a trip, but it's not as comfy for babies to fall asleep in. I know when we have my dd is in hers, she fusses when she's sleepy because she can't recline! I don't know what else to say, besides just be careful and have fun!! =)


pbj - April 12

Well, I've never travelled w/ my LO but I live in hot, humid Florida. Obviously be sure you have good sunscreen. My dd hates footy pj's, they make her feet hot; use light protective clothing...meaning if he's out in the sun and unable to be covered by shade, put him in light cotton/ linen pants. has great beach shade accessories for babies. Oh yeah, sun hats...I never take my dd out w/o a hat on. Hope that helps...let me know if you have any other quest.


YC - April 12

Hi Dani. Great question. We are going to the caribbean in November but we are going on a cruise so it should be a little easier. Our dd will be 11 months when we go and I am nervous about the climate change as well. It will be her first time out of California. Where are you going?


DANI - April 12

pbj, thanks for the website, I will check it out for sure. YC, dh & I are going to Playa Del Carmen (1 hr south of Cancun) I can't wait, but I'm so nervous too...First trip w/ baby. What part of the Caribbean are you traveling to?


YC - April 12

We are going to St Thomas, the Bahammas and St. Maarten. I can't wait but I am a little nervous. This will be our first trip with the baby also. I have been to the Virgin Islands before and also to's beautiful but it is HUMID!!! I swear I was sweaty the whole time I was there ha!ha! You will have a great time!!!


SonyaM - April 12

I am traveleing just a couple hours from where I live to the coast this summer and I am really second guessing my decision. My son will be almost 8 months old I just can't imagine how we are going to keep him entertained and enclosed in the condo. Short of the taking the playpen and his entertainer!! Then there is the issue of being at the beach. He is very very very light skinned (red head) so we are gonna have to keep him under a tent thing which is going to be interesting. uuugghhh, What was I thinking???


Emy - April 12

Dani, do you need specific vaccinations for where you are going?


Dre Eva Mom - April 13

My best advice about the umbrella stroller is to upgrade. Spend a little more to save baby some comfort. We have a Combi stroller that folds up slightly larger than the umbrella, but it has tons of great extras. First there is a strap on it so that you can throw it on your shoulder like a purse when you fold it - best thing I have ever come across! Plus it has a 5-point harness since your baby will still be so young (you can use it as a 3pt harness as they get older) and it allows for the baby to recline, and a small basket underneath. We bought this stroller for my current 3 yearold when we felt she was big enough (about 6 months) and we have been traveling with her since the day of her 2 week check up. The stroller is nnow going to be used for our newborn (2 month old)! It has been everywhere, California, florida, chicago, texas, the carolinas, hawaii, korea, germany, france, netherlands - the list keeps growing!


YC - April 13

Dre Eva Mom sounds like a great stroller. Where did you get it?


DANI - April 13

Emy, my son has had his first shots at 2 mo. and he is due next week for his 4 mo. shots, what other vaccines are you taking about?? Dre Eva Mom, where did you find your stroller?? Dh & I really need to find a compact yet durable stroller for the bumpy roads in Mexico.


Sarahsmommy - April 13

DANI is you little one drinking water yet? You may want to make sure it's ok to give him water and if so make sure he likes it and will drink it so you can keep him well hydrated if its so humid.


Emy - April 13

Dani, I am not sure you need them, I was just checking. I know for example when people go to South America, or when I went to Africa I needed to protect myself against Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Malaria, etc.


Shelly - April 13

You may want to get something for mosquitos!!


DANI - April 13

Sarahsmommy, my little guy is drinking water w/ his formula. But I do have a question at 7 mo. old what other fluids can they drink to stay hydrated? CAn they drink water at that age?


Jamie - April 15

Yes they can drink water at that age. Another option is Pedialyte. Make sure that in addition to drinking plenty of fluids, he's also getting the good electrolytes - he can dehydrate even when drinking lots of water, if his body can't retain it (No electrolytes) - you migh want to give him a few ounces of juice a day, to make sure he gets the electrolytes needed to retain water in his body.


DANI - April 15

Thanks, Jamie for your help! I actually ran into a mom of three last night while out to dinner and I was asking her & she recommended to mix white grape juice or cranberry juice with water to keep him hydrated. And, I will take along some pedialyte too..



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