Traveling With Baby

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maddiesmom - April 12

I am going to visit family for Easter, but it involves about a 9 hour car drive. I am soooooooooo nervous to take my 5 week old baby in a car that long. We wanted to break the trip into 2 days, but due to other people traveling with us we are going to try and make it in one very long day. Do any of you have tips for traveling with a baby? Any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


tiffani - April 12

I think you'll do fine, especially since your baby is so young. Long car rides are notorious for lulling babies to sleep. The only thing I would say is to make sure you stop whenever the baby appears hungry (about every 3 hours) and feed him/her. Also I would make sure to let the baby stretch a little, so he/she doesn't get too uncomfortable in the same position for 9 hours. Drive safe and have a Happy Easter! :o)


Angie in MI - April 12

WOW! You are more brave that I! My inlaws live 12 hours away and I told them to expect us at least until July and that will be if the doc says we can fly. Please let us know how it goes! I'm very interested. My dd is only 3 weeks old and they are coming here for Easter! I'm already nervous about the car ride next winter for the holidays I can't imagine so soon!


MichelleB - April 12

I have been doing 5 hour drives probably once a month sinse my 7 month old has been born. Its a lot shorter than 9 hours, but I found it helped to keep him cool and confortable, have a thin blanket, use one of hte head inserts for him so his head doesnt flop around, and give yourself at least 2 extra hours. I found at that age my babe would sleep pretty well in the car. Have a bottle ready so if you do not want to stop, you can just feed him in the carseat. We are travelling by plane tomorrow...not looking forward to it. Keeping seven month old occupied is nearly impossible.


Aussie Beck - April 13

My husband and I just took our 16 week old for her first long trip - 4 hours! I know it's not 9 hours, but I was still nervous! I needn't have worried, she basically slept the entire time and we only stopped once to feed and change her. One thing that I will suggest is to have some sort of 'sun shade' in the car. Our dd gets very upset if the sun is in her eyes and the special shades that we stuck on the windows don't block the light out enough for her. We rigged up a 'shade' over her car seat using a big muslin wrap, it worked a treat and I think it made her feel more cosy. Good luck!!!


EM - April 13

Not to worry. When my son was only 3 weeks old we drove from New Mexico to Minnesota in two days pulling a travel trailer. A week later we trecked 12 hours to MI for a wedding and did that in one stretch. My son is 10 months old now and we just got back from Texas in one long stretch and it was definintely easier traveling with him when he was a few weeks old. I was b___stfeeding at the time and didn't want to stop for 20-40 minutes to feed so I pumped with the battery powered pump in the back seat while my dh drove, put it in a cooler with ice packs and when he started to get hungry (or I thought enough time had gone by) I would stick the bottle in the cigarette lighter powered bottle heater. At gas stations I changed him, he drank a bottle right down, burped him, stuck him back in the seat and we were on our way. He slept through most of it. You'll be fine.



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