Travelling With Infant

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eclipse - January 25

In a month we are going to be travelling about 8 hours in a car with my baby-he will be about 15 weeks old by then. Any advice? Never done this before-this could get interesting.


ash2 - January 25

Well being a newborn , he is probably more than likely going to sleep the majority of the time. I would take the usual toys with lights and sounds and defiantly a cooler with formula so it wont get hot. I would also stop every 2 hours or so ( or whenever he gets up ) to do a diaper change and stretch for about 15 min or so .


krc - January 25

I took a 4 hour trip with ethan when he was 5 months old. I was in a minivan and I sat in the back. He was good for about 45 minutes, after that I held him the whole way there!


EMBERBABY - January 25

We drove from Miami to San Antonio, Texas when dd was 6 weeks it was about 18 hours so we stopped every 2 hours and midtrip we spent the night at a hotel to regroup. One of us was always in the backseat w/ her. She was really good and slept most of the way. It wasn't aas bad as I thought it would be.


ash2 - January 25

krc, you really took him out of his carseat while you guys were driving ??


flower.momma - January 25

No joke... scary.


CyndiG - January 25

I've become very proficient at bf-ing in route! Yes, while she's in the car seat! It's actually really funny and thank God the windows are tinted in the back! I'm probably going to have one longer b___b after this is all over! LOL!


jilly01 - January 25

I can say that traveling with an infant and kids is something I know about, My husbands is a race car driver so we travel alot of the year and my dd's first trip was at about 2 months. I will stop if need be to give her and her step sisters a break. but really only if she seems like she needs it. She is a great taveler. Read you kids signs but yeah i pretty much suround her with things to do now (she is 11 months) But at that really young age they sleep most of the trip. for me it was if i stop for coffee or to pee or the girls did then i would take her right out to sreatch have a bottle and hang for a bit! My dd is really lied back though too. Sometimes sitting in the back with her too when she gets up. If someone else is driving, or I have one of my step girls read her a story play patty cake something like that. I am sure it will be fine.


sahmof3 - January 25

We've travelled quite a bit. The youngest kid and longest trip was with my oldest son when he was 5 weeks. We drove from PA. to MN. for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. He slept most of the time. We hung toys from his carseat and had a few other toys for him to look at. He seemed to sleep for about 3 hour stretches, so we planned gas, bathroom, food and b___stfeeding stops around his wake up times lol. I could have used the same kind of talent that CyndiG has ;-) Oh and I dressed him in his coziest sleepers!


eclipse - January 25

Thank you all-we just found out that we are splitting the trip on the way up in half since we are leaving after dh gets home from work on Friday. So, we will just stop a lot and I will probably sit in the back for the trip home or stop regularly. And I am not trying to bf in route, not that brave, and no tinting on my windows :)


Mingill - January 25

eclipse, I see you'e got a lot of answers already, but I thought I'd just add my 2 cents. We travelled with DS when he was 5 days old (we were moving to a new town and really had no choice) and have since made the same trip a few times. The usual 8 hour drive took us 2 days, so you are wise to break up your trip. If you did want to try b___stfeeding it's not so bad, just get a sarong, knot it and drap it around your neck, it's big enough that nobody can see you, also if you park at the far end of parking lots you get some privacy. I'm still not really good at getting the latch without looking, so I usually end up under the sarong too. I also found a way to really speed things up is to pump. 30 minutes (or however long it takes you to pump) before the scheduled feeding start pumping. You can do it descreetly in the front seat (wear a b___ton down blouse and a cardigan). Then when your done, pull over and feed the lo. In my experience, my ds drains a bottle way faster than when he's bfing. Keep a cooler on hand to store the milk if you can't pull over right away and to store the pump. Remember to bring your sterilizing and cleaning equipment. I have a microwave sterilizer, and most hotels have a microwave you can use. To heat bottles on the road, just pull into a coffee shop and ask for a cup of hot water (an extra large disposable coffee cup fits a 9 oz bottle just fine, but at 15 weeks, you're little one should be fine with the 4 oz bottles). My ds normally sleeps the whole time, except to feed and get changed. Enjoy your trip.


krc - January 25

yes I did take im out of the car seat, both there and back. I know it is dangerous but Ethan HATES his car seat and nobody wanted to hear a SCREAMING baby for 4 hours! He will not sleep the whole way either! Nothing will entertain him and he does not self soothe or cry himself to sleep. He is very persistent and will scream bloody murders until he gets his way! So, on the way there, he slept the 1st 30 -45 minutes. Then he played for about 20, after that he was p__sed, lol. Nothing worked, we tried CIO, then the girl driving got irritated and turned up the music loud which only made Ethan cry louder! So I took him out of his seat, gave him a b___b, and he slept in my arms for about an hour! After that we were almost halfway there. On the way back...I was in the backseat of a camaro and so was ethan...but we had soooooo much stuff in the car that we were all packed like sardines. Even Ethan's car seat had to be positioned where he sat in a 90 degree angle. This only worked for about 30-45 minutes as well before he was in complete discomfort from sitting in an awkward position. It was easier for us all when I held him. Some of you may have let your baby stay like that...but put yourself in my exact situation and you'd might think differently.



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