Tremors Trembling

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Janny - October 17

My DD is 7 1/2 months old. Within the last month I noticed her getting the "chills" - you know - like when you shiver and get goosebumps - it's brief - like in an adult - but weird to see it in an infant. I never remember any of my friends children doing it, but it was few and random - so I brushed it off. Well now they are becoming more frequent and starting to worry me. I asked her doctor about them and she said it was normal. Of course I started looking on the internet and found Cerebral Palsy and other ailments I wish I didn't know about. Please tell me that this is normal and not to worry!!!


kimberly - October 18

If she does it when it is cold, then I am sure it is normal. But, I am sorry to say I have 3 kids and none of them have done that unless they were cold. If it is happen more often and it is not cold maybe have her seen by a neurologist, insist on a referal from your Dr.


JessC531 - October 18

I just noticed my dd do that the other day. She's only 10 weeks. It just looked like she got the chills. If she keeps doing it a lot, I'd mention it to the doctor again, but I wouldn't worry too much. And DON'T research stuff like that on the internet. You'll drive yourself crazy!


andy - October 18

Dear Janny My dd is 61/2 months and she has been doing that for like 2 weeks now ... I sooo know she is not cold as the weather here is so warm and I had been paying more attention to this and I noticed that she does it exclusively when she is super exited about something or is mad or MOSTLY bveacause she wants to grab something but is still lacking some pressision , so I figured it is normal I believe she is doing it to express herself , maybe her coordination is not as good as she would expect and her brain is trying to demand mor from her ... well thats what I believe ... I think that you should not worry , maybe try to notice when and why is she doing this ... Dh that is super suuuper alarmed looked it up on the web¨and found that it could be LACK OF CALCIUM , come on they just eat MILK , and probably lack os sun ... well good luck and just be calm , these are different stages that babies go thru , she is just doing something normal ... you´ll see it will go away , my dd is getting her getting better pressision by the minute and she is amost pa__sed it ... xoxoxo andrea


alida - October 18

My dd (7.5 mo) does this also...I notice it mostly when I'm feeding her or changing her diaper. I have a feeling it could be either right before or after she goes potty. My girlfriend's little boy used to do this and she called it the "pee pee chills". I don't know if thats it or not, but I've heard of a lot of babies doing this.


Janny - October 18

Whew!! Thanks for all of your responses. I am still worried but not as upset. I do pay attention to when it happens - but like I said - it is so random so I can't tie it to anything specific. Where we live it's relatively warm - so I know that she is not cold. We will be seeing the doctor in a few weeks - so I will definitely bring it up again!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!


CWeber - October 18

I don't notice it throughout my lo's body but his teeth kind of chatter occasionally like he has the chills. Doesn't happen often but he does do it.


newbabyras - October 20

My ds does it all the time. My mom thinks it's when he pees - like alida said. My dh has the chills a lot we didn't think anything of it when we saw the baby doing it. i don't think it's anything to worry about - and i second what Jess said - do NOT look it up on the internet



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