Trouble With Bowel Movements

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cdmrose - August 12

My 6-week old 34-weeker started out on Special Care 24-cal formula while still in the NICU. Because that formula is not available outside of the hospital they sent her home on Similac Neosure formula, which I mix to a 24-cal recipe. I also have to fortify my br___t milk with it. Both formulae contain milk and soy. Since she came home (at 2 weeks old) she seems to have developed a problem with bowel movements. After red-faced grunting and straining all day with little more than gas to show for it, she finally starts crying in the afternoon. She will cry or scream for a few minutes, bending and straightening her legs, and then relax for a few minutes, before starting up again. This cycle finally ends (sometimes not until the middle of the night) with a humungous bowel movement (or two or three w/in a couple minutes of each other), after which she goes to sleep. In the middle of all of this, she is frantically hungry and her hands and feet get very cold. She will occasionally have one or two smaller bowel movements throughout the day with no such issues. Is this colic, or a lactose allergy, or...?


austynsmommy - August 12

I would get her in to see her pediatrian. My son did that and he was 6 weeks early. It sounds to me like it could be the formula but I would talk with her doctor.


cdmrose - August 13

Well, we saw the doctor yesterday and tried Nutramigen but that seems to be even worse for her. NICU provided us with the 24-calorie recipe and some literature that says not to give soy formula to preemies. Does anyone know why? My dh and I both had milk allergies as babies and drank soy with no problem. I had both the lactose and protein allergies. Neosure contains lactose and Nutramigen contains casein (milk protein) so now I suspect she is sensitive to both. The next step is to see a pediatric GI specialist and maybe try Alimentum which is yet another milk-based formula. I am getting concerned that the doctors are not taking this seriously. I hate to see her in so much pain and I feel so helpless!


Motherof1babygirland1Angel - September 29

My pediatrician suggested giving a little prune juice in her bottle...It worked wonders! ( we got the baby juice apple/prune variety) Best of lucky!



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