True Confessions Of A Quot Not So Perfect Quot Mommy

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eclectic66 - October 9

Hi ladies. I had originally posted this over in the toddler care forum , but I figured this would be a good post over here too :-) Have fun and can't wait to ready your "confessions" How many of you out there have some "not so perfect mommy" things that you do each day?? Here are some examples of mine :-) My almost 13 month old ds actually has 2 shows that he is allowed to watch each day that he actually is quite fond of...Wonder Pets and Backyardigans. Yep, that means that once a day my poor helpless child is actually watching tv. Also, I have yet to establish any kind of teeth brushing routine with him because he has yet to allow me to attempt to put a tooth brush or one of those gum brushes in his mouth without a major drama. My child also still uses a binky more than just for naps or at bedtime...sometimes he actually puts the binky in his mouth at random times during the day because I allow it to be within reach. I also have never laid my child down in his own crib for naps. He has always laid on the couch for his naps alongside either me or dh (gasp). I also still have a child that wakes once a night to eat and I DO feed him (although it may be a watered down version). Oh, and did I mention that I still rock him to sleep every once in a while? Whew!! I feel better now that the skeletons are out of the :-) So, any of you other mommies that have any "not so perfect" or "not by the book moments" that you do each day...I would love to hear your "true confessions"...;-) hehehe. This is all just for fun and in no way meant to be a controversial thread. Just all in good fun from one mommy to another :-) Let's all share our stories like no one else can :-) ↓


socurbaby7 - October 9

hmmm well let me start... i used a baby monitor for the first week... but then i said skrew it and have not used one since... i leave her nappin up stairs ( 3rd floor of the house) and go about my chores and what not w/o a care ( she's a very schedule oriented baby and I can usuallytell when she's going to wake up and i mean if she starts crying i will hear her)...i do not keep her room immaculate... actually it tends to be pretty messy.... i dont believe my house is child proofed... i encourage her to play/ entertain herself so i can sneek some time for homework... at night i am comfortable leaving her at home and getting things done ( of course while my parents are home with her... i would never leave her home alone)... I have been feeding her solids since she was 3 months old... and i let her take baths with her 4 year old brother... heheh and i also have him entertain her :-) ... i still b___st feed (she;s almost 10 months) and i let her eat whenever she wants... hmmm i think thats it...


Buffi R. - October 10

During the week, I let daycare do a lot of the more difficult things with my 10 month old daughter like feeding her solids from a jar...messy!...then I just have to bottle feed her in the morning & evening figuring she got enough solids there....... she's lucky to get more than one bath a week....... my 6 year old son entertains her a lot (and vice versa!)....... he also watches a lot of TV on the weekends....... we can't keep his toys away from the her so she regularly chews on Hot Wheels cars and other things she shouldn't have....... we're stretching out the usage of her car seat carrier as far as we can go (she recently hit the weight limit, but we haven't switched to a convertable car seat yet). I'll add more later if I think of anything else, which I'm sure there's more I'm mentally blocking right now. :-)


tish212 - October 10

Well i added to this in the toddler forum, but i will post here too. Where to begin. My daugher is 10 months old. When we are shopping I let her stand up in the seat part of the cart-which drives people crazy (i hold onto her hips so she cant fall out or get hurt) but people get mad anyways...I let her try almost anything i am eating...and i let her drink a sip of soda almost daily- i figure if i am eating it, its not fair to not let her try it when she wants to and since i drink soda a lot she always wants a sip...i let her run around with no diaper sometimes after i take a diaper off of her, its just so cute, and she seems to enjoy it- so why not..we have no other kids and the only people that see her are me and dh. I buy her a toy EVERY time i go shopping... which is starting a bad trend. i let her go to sleep with a sippy cup - which i have heard you aren't supposed to do. i did cry it out, but i still go in and pick her up and rock her every time i go in to check on her which goes against cry it out... I can't think of much else though i am sure there is a lot more but i am quite tired. When i think of more i will add more...


ACG - October 10

I have a 7-month-old, so here goes: He doesn't like solid foods, so he's still on all formula, except for the 1-2 bites of oatmeal I can coax into him occasionally. I used to put his bouncy chair on the kitchen counter top while I cooked, b/c he could see me better and was happier. I let our lab/pit mix lick him all over b/c they both love it. We do not have much of a meal or nap schedule (though not for lack of trying on my part.) I sometimes keep him up in the evening too late, b/c dh doesn't get home til 7 and wants to spend time with him. I have bent the rules about how long formula can be out more than a few times. We eat from the same spoon when I'm trying to feed him solids and be a good example. I occasionally have a gla__s or two of wine in the middle of the day while he's napping. And finally, I let him sleep on his tummy when he was very young, even though you're not supposed to. (I checked on him obsessively, too.) Whew!


ACG - October 10

I almost forgot my biggest guilt: My house is nowhere near clean... ever. There is dog hair on the floor, stains on the couch, mildew in the shower, fingerprints on the mirrors, dust on the shelves and baby stuff EVERYWHERE!


tish212 - October 11

hehehe you reminded me of a few things, my living room is a disaster area, toys are spread out EVERYWHERE, looking at it drives me insane but at the same time if i clean them up she gets mad and wants them back where they were so i leave them out. I let her eat fast food too, like when i go to mcdonalds for a snack i give her fries or small bites of a chicken nugget....tonight we went to kfc and i gave her some pieces from popcorn chic and some of the mashed potatos from my potato bowl and a few sips of soda. I also almost always give her her way... if i put her in the cart and she fusses cuz she wants to be carried i will do it, infact over and over again ...she will want to sit then be carried then sit, etc and yet i will keep doing it...i let her play mommy pick up where she throws a toy on the ground and i bend over and pick it up...over and over the end of the day my back hurts so much lol. I started her on solids way early but all the mommies from dec know that.... at one month i let her eat applesauce and she loved it so then we tried other foods. i also dont "make" her say hi to ppl that say hi to her... like someone comes up to us in the store and says hi to her or how cute she is, if she shows signs that she isn't interested i will say thanks and walk away even if they are trying to play with her... i know i seem rude but if she doesn't want to say hi why make her put up with strangers? I let her stay up way late, sometimes till 1am with me, and then we sleep in together... i let her sleep in bed with me and dh until she was 5 months old (i hear all the time how you shouldn't because it isn't safe but her ped knew and he thought as long as she was happy and we didn't mind sharing our bed then why not) I have left her in jammies and taken her out...because it was chilly out and her jammies are footie fleece and warm. i am sure there is more but that is all i was reminded of so far, oh the tv thing, she doesn't have any interest in it, she likes to stand up to the tv and spread food across the screen (if its on or off) when she is eating snacks...but she wont watch it. so i guess i am good there.


Astra - October 11

ok, here goes. We don't have a nap/food schedule, the little guy sleeps and eats on demand (although he has developed a bit of a pattern). I bring him to bed with me if he is not feeling well, or is super cranky. Although he is at times able to fall asleep by himself in his cradle, often I still rock him to sleep. I am also guilty of not bathing the poor guy every day (every other day is the most we manage). I don't take 4 days to introduce new foods (only 2). I haven't caved on baby tv programs yet but at the end of the day I watch tv and he watches with me, and in the morning he is often watching the news with my husband. Althgh his ped recommends the jemperoo for only 15/20 minutes at a time and only about twice a day, if he is happy I will let him jump for 45 minutes at a time, and sometimes more then twice a day if he is super fussy. He sleeps in our room, so his nursery is still more a storage area, and yes we have toys everywhere! Some days I don't change him out of his pajamas, and he is pajama baby all day. Although he uses a blanket sleeper during the night, during the day I just put a light blankie over him during naps because he would wake up if I put him in the sleeper, oh and he sleeps on his belly or his side (we can't help it we put him on his back he rolls over, but we don't turn him back). wow...what a list.


melissap - October 11

Where do I even house is a disaster. I have 3 kids..there are toys everywhere. I vacuum 2X a week, we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I put ds in his crib at nap and bedtime..awake sometimes with his bottle(already a lecture from the dentist on this)..I feed him table foods from us only..he is 10 months. Sometimes he just gets plunked in the play pen so I can do some housework and feed my other children...I haven't even read to him yet as my oldest will read with him.. I carry him around the house still as I know this is my last and I am still holding on...He has at least 1 cookie a day and yeah my TV is on from the time the kids get up until they go to bed..not that anyone watches but my middle ds has to have background noise. My oldest kids go outside by themselves and sometimes into the field to play where the horses are. Oh and littlest ds doesn't have his own room yet..his crib is still in ours!


sarah21 - October 11

I let my 6 month old watch Backyardigan's and I feed her a couple french fries when we have them (not often). She is a recent convert to the crib, she co-slept with us for 6 months, and I still nurse her every time she wakes up at night, which has decreased to 1-2 times usually so I guess it works anyway. I put her bouncy seat on the kitchen table while I cook so she can see. And to echo April, dog and cat hair city on the floor, dust, etc. and sometimes I let my baby chew on her shoes even if she's worn them. Occasionally she'll drop a toy on a public floor and I don't wash it before I give it back to her. Gross I know but sometimes I don't remember until it's too late. She sleeps on her side all the time with a pillow. She actually has to have her face shoved into a pillow in order to sleep. She has a heart condition so I have to give her meds and I don't wash the syringe between doses. It's amazing she's survived. Hehe.


gabby509 - October 12

Ok so here I go! My ds is 4 months old and still sleeps in his ba__sinet in our room and he is still swaddled. I'm worried that it will be way too many sleepless nights to train him to sleep without it. In the morning if he wakes up and it's early, I let him lay in his ba__sinet talking until I can drag myself out of bed. I let him stay up late with us sometimes, until 10 or 11. I let him watch tv, he is mesemerized by it. He loves his jumperoo and sometimes stays in it for an hour at a time if he is happy in there. He only gets about 2-3 baths a week. I feed him everytime he wakes up at night. My house is a mess, dusty, dog hair everywhere. Oh and one last thing, I let my rottweiler lick his face, they both love each other so much. Whew I feel better!


ellemenopee - October 12

My husband and I decided that if they sold soundproof drawers to put your crying baby in, we would have probably bought it and used it. alot. In our defense we decided she would have been monitered somehow.


ddbomb - October 12

I could be here all day - i have five children and work from home so most days I'm behind on EVERYTHING. Reading through the posts I am nodding my head to most thing, yes, I agree. My not so pefect attemts at mothering include basically getting our oldests, 12 and 9 year old boys, to play and watch our 2 year old often otherwise NOTHING would get done. The 2 year old needs constant superivsion as he's aclimber and gets into quite dangerous situations so they make sure he doesn't climb. With the baby who wants to play, I can't sit and watch the toddler otherwise i can't work, clean, cook, etc. So we all pitch in there. That's the biggest thing I feel guilt over, the elder ones having that responsbility sometimes. I simply need the extra pairs of hands when DH isn't around so i use whatever I've got. I think I'm fairly okay in other areas - our house is so small I have to clean all the time otherwise it gets out of control in one hour - no joke. GOT so much washing sometimes I just look at it on the line and think, who cares? Not today, and leave it. But I pay for it the next day but just can't deal with that extra thing! But the biggest crux of my mothering skills is that I have to use my two elder boys a lot while I deal with the baby and our little girl.


One GRIM Mama - October 13

Ah, god.. let's see... She's approaching two months and when no one is home, if I drop her pacifier/bottle on the floor, I wipe it off and poke it back in. We have three cats and they're allowed around - but not IN - the baby's gear. One of my girls likes to creep across my belly to snuggle up next to the baby if we're in the recliner. Sometimes, if she wakes desperately hungry and there's no bottles clean, I'll fish one out of the icy (previously hot and soapy) water and just rinse it out under the hot tap rather than taking the time to scour it with the brush and FRESH hot, soapy water. She co-sleeps with me on the recliner in the living room probably three to four days a week.. on her belly, on my chest, and at least one night a week in bed with hubby, with nothing but a receiver under her (on a sheeted bed, of course) and a fluffy soother blanket loose on top of her. I don't always wipe when she's just wet, I know, it's horrible, but sometimes I'm just too tired or she's too upset. I hardly ever powder or B___t Paste her unless she's looking like she's developing a burn. I sometimes leave her in the changing basket while I run to get her clean clothes (she likes to wait until I'm sure she's done and then pee while I've got the diaper away) or when I suddenly HAVE to get to the bathroom. I watch forensic/murder shows while I'm holding her if no one is home. I once put her in the play pen and just walked away because I feared if I didn't her endless screams would lead to me snapping and doing something to hurt her. At times, I've thought that she cried with me because she didn't like or didn't want me. I refused (and sometimes still refuse) to believe that it ISN'T personal. Sometimes I think my husband loves her more than me, but I keep that from effecting how I handle her. We've been giving her a teaspoon of dry rice cereal per 6-8oz when we make her bottles to stop her colic at night. We've been doing that since she was four weeks. I let her fall asleep with her pacifier in. Hubby doesn't know it, but when she's older, I plan on giving her little bits of whatever I'm eating (two or older) including soda and fast food.


Buffi R. - October 13

I already posted, but reading these reminded me of so many things I forgot. My house is always a complete disaster of toys, papers, dishes, and laundry. I work full time and have two kids (6 yrs and 10 mos), so that's my only excuse - flimsy, I know. My 10 mo DD eats off the floor what I don't vacuum and I don't make my son clean his room or make his bed - EVER. For diaper changes with DD, I only wipe her when she's had a poo, and rash cream is only used when she's already red, but fortunately it always seems to work right away. I don't cook home-cooked meals, unless you consider heating up microwave meals as home-cooked. DS watches TV almost non-stop at home...thank God he's at school and day care most of the day. :-)


boodahbaby - October 13

Wow! This is fun! I was having my son sleep w/ me (hub was on the couch for a few weeks) just bc I could nurse him and fall right back to sleep! I often leave him in his car seat (in the house of course) when he is sleeping. He has only taken a few naps w/o being held while sleeping and he is 2 months old. Since he was born he would wake up immediately after putting him down, so we just hold him now, but are slowly breaking this habit. I have had a few gla__ses of wine and b___st fed him, but did not feel a buzz, so I think it was OK! I hate to sit home, so he will probably never have a real schedule... I am always out during the day! We have gotten the routine down of bath, jammies, eat then sleep at night though! I guess I don't do such horrible things and to be honest the things I have read on here are not bad at all... believe me my sister in law would appall all of us!



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