Trying Cio

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krnj - June 27

Well I think I'm going to let my ds cio tonight & see what happens. He'll be 4 months tomorrow and weighs 15 pounds. I'm lucky if I get 5 hours in a row with him at night. But he would sleep 5 hours "on me" and not in his crib. I know he just wants to be held. Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks!!


Ang - June 27

nope sorry, I never did cio but my ds is 6 months and sleeps blissfully from 8pm to 6-7am. :) he just did it in his own time.


jessb - June 27

NO tips bside to do CIO. Most babies prefer to be held. At 4-5 months they are old enough to learn that they need to sleep in their crib/ba__sinet and cannot be held all the time. CIO is very hard but it does work. It may take you a couple of tries to be able to do it. It did for me. But when I finally did it only took about 3 days for her to figure out that she just need to go to sleep and I wasnt going to rock her for hours everynight. Just make sure he is fed, clean diaper, warm/cool enough and he will be fine. Good luck!!!


Bonnie - June 27

I agree with JessB. I just wrote a long post on anotehr thread about CIO if you want to read how we did it. Goodluck! :)


melissa g. - June 28

I have a question, my problem is somewhat different. My dd sleeps just fine, from 7:30 to 6 usually. And up until a few days ago, either me or my dh would rock with her and the reason we were willing to do this is b/c she would go to sleep in 5 minutes flat. But this past week, she has been freaking out at bedtime and crying and it has been taking 30-40 min. She is 4 1/2 months. So, do we need to bite the bullet and giver her a few cuddles and the put her in the ba__sinet and let her work it out? I'm bummed, I thought we had a nice little routine and wouldnt need to do CIO. I think it is nice to have a little routine, sit and cuddle, sing a lullaby, I think its our job to make them feel safe and happy before bed but she has decided now that she wants to fuss instead! Thoughts?


mayaB - June 28

what is CIO??


melissa g. - June 28

CIO = crying it out


krnj - June 28

Well wouldn't you know, he fell asleep last night around 9:30 and got up at 3:30 to eat. Then he went back to sleep till 6:30. I can deal with that! I just kept putting him back in his crib, he did cry a little bit but eventually fell asleep.


nic nac - June 28

I also wrote a post called "to bonnie and lisab" about a week ago If you want to read that too.



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