Trying Not To Freak Out 2 Week Old Not Pooping

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gaudior - October 15

My 16-day old baby hasn't pooped in 6 days. Before that it was about 5 days. I still haven't seen any yellow poop; the last batch was still brown. My pediatrician says just keep nursing as much as possible, and he didn't seem too concerned. She'd lost a lot of her birth weight too: down to 8 lbs from 9lbs 5oz. I've been agressively feeding her every 2-3 hours since her last weighing, even though I have to struggle for up to 1/2 hour sometimes to wake her up . She's eating 9-12 times a day and suckling well, and I'm pumping and giving her that too. She's started gaining again: 2 oz in 3 days but still not pooping! He said he wouldn't recommend a laxative, suppository or enema, and to just keep feeding her. It's hard not to freak out when all the books say "3-5 poops a day"--- I'd settle for 3-5 a week! Apparently I did a similar thing as a newborn, but mom can't remember what solved the problem. I'm about to faint from lack of sleep: waking her for 30 minutes, feeding for 30 minutes, putting her back to sleep (that's another problem itself) forever and then pumping when I have the time before the next feeding. Help!


excited2bemama - October 15

Bf babies can go up to 7 days or so without pooping... its not that common to go that long in a baby that young. Did your ped say you had to wake her every 3 hours at night too??? I let my dd go up to 5-6 hours at night from birth and she was a 6lb 10 oz baby- I just fed her ever 1-2 hours during the day.. on demand.


wailing - October 15

My lo was the same way. At about 4 wks he stopped going everyday and started going about every 5-6 days. My pedi said that was perfectly natural. As far as pumping goes. If ur feeding every 2-3 hours and things are going well, why are u pumping so often? I only pumped when I needed to get some rest so someone else could feed ds but that wasn't that often in the beginning. I hate pumping too..such a pain. Maybe pump less (if ur supply is okay?) and get some sleep. Good Luck:-)


lily10 - October 15

My dd who is also b___stfed did the same exact thing from about 3-9 weeks. She would poop maybe every3- 5 days then just when I started to get used to it she changed to pooping 4 times a day. I had read the same thing about b___stfed babies pooping a lot and when my dd was only going every 5 days I got nervous. Her pedi rea__sured me that going several days between poops is totally normal.


CWeber - October 16

My 2 month old used to go up to 10 days between bowel movements. However, that being said are you sure he is getting enough food? I know you said he was nursing lots but are you sure he is getting lots? I would just pump and feed for a day or so so you really know how much he is eating. I would hate to think he was just not getting enough to come out the other end.


gaudior - October 16

Thanks everybody... she finally pooped last night! I was asleep, but DH said it was a ma__sive b__wout. The reason I'm feeding her so often and pumping too is because she lost a bunch of her birth weight, and the doctor said if my supply didn't improve to start supplementing with formula. She's peeing a lot so I know she's not dehydrated, and I watch closely while she's feeding to make sure she's swallowing. Hopefully this will be the turnaround and I can start worrying about something else... like how she refuses to sleep from 1 am to 6 am!



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