Trying To Become Pregnant While Breastfeedin

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Mina - March 4

Hi, I just had a baby 7 months ago and I am trying to become pregnant now again but I am also br___tfeeding my dd constantly. I heard that it might be difficult to become pregnant while br___tfeeding, but i don't wanna stop br___tfeeding. My periods came back since my daughter was 3 months old so doesnt that mean that I should be ovulating...? is there any of you that became pregnant while br___tfeeding? and how long after your baby was born did you get pregnant? Tanks


sahmof3 - March 4

I got pregnant with my ds when my dd was 8 months old and still being b___stfed. I had not gotten a period back yet, so I guess I got pregnant on my first postpartum ovulation.


k.p.j.e. - March 4

WHY???????????? Ok j/k don't get offended but wow that is ambitious. My babies will be 17 months apart and I thought that was close. Good luck to you I hope you are successful.


waiting for #2 - March 4

her babies will be 16 months apart if she gets pregnant straight away. That's only 1 month less than the age gap between your lo's is it not?? No offense meant here. I myself am trying to conceive again and my baby is 5 and a half months old.


k.p.j.e. - March 4

Lol waiting for #2 I guess you are right....I didn't even do that math on that one. Jeez I look like an idiot. The only difference is really that my second (and first, for that matter) pregnancy was unplanned. At least you guys are planning yours! Congrats and good luck to you also.


olivia - March 4

I had no trouble dd and ds are 15 months apart and I was b___stfeeding. As soon as you have a period you are back in the game..... Good luck!


Mina - March 5

so it means that I have been ovulating since my dd was 3 months I guess the chances are good hopefully....


BriannasMummy - March 5

Mina: Im pretty sure once you got your period back it meant that your body was ovulating. My best friend b___stfed and fell pregnant with her second baby when her first son was 8 months old (planned). I hope everything works out and you get a BFP very very soon! Good Luck! ~Kristin~


Heather F - March 5

do you want to continue bfing once you do concieve? If you make sure to increase your water intake!



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