Tub Bath

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mandee25 - February 18

When did you first bathe your LO in the "big" tub? My 12 1/2 week old son is getting too big for his baby bath. I think I might try him in the "big" tub tonight.


KLC - February 18

I think Aaron was about 3 months when I switched him from the sink to the tub.


vonzo - February 18

I think we did it when our dd was 5 weeks. We had been lent a baby bath from my supposed best friend, she took the humph one day and took EVRYTHING back. The steriliser she had bought as a gift, my dd's crib (another gift), the steriliser (yet another gift) EVERYTHING! So from that day on we just used the big tub and she LOVED it! It can hurt your back leaning over but i'm sure you'll find your own technique soon where it doesn't hurt so much! Watch out for all the splashing :o)


Nerdy Girl - February 18

I'm with KLC - the sink is the best! You need to clean your sink religiously though. This question sparked some debate a few month back with some forum members were horrified that anyone would bathe their baby in the same place they defrost chicken. Well, I personally never defrost chicken in my sink and I do clean the sink very well every single day. I really like that period of time where they fit in the sink. It's easy on your back. My 4 year old would be on her little stepstool helping wash her brother. My son has been too big for the sink for about 6 months now, but here is my favorite pic from that era --flickr.com/photos/gwozdz/218483974/


Brittany - February 18

lol that was me who started that thread. I don't defrost chicken in the sink...it was my MIL and I was grossed out that she'd bathe her kids in the same place that she defrosted chicken. (Shes not the cleanlisest type who always cleans her sinks, tubs, bathrooms etc.) so I was grossed out. When my kids started out-growing the baby bath, I used a bath net that you can put the baby on, it's at an angle so the baby isn't completely submerged in the water. walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4664294 thats what the net looks like. If its hard on your back, try the sink! Just be like nerdy girl and clean clean clean it hehe. Good luck, hope you figure something out.


Erin1979 - February 18

I used the baby bath until my daughter was about 4 months. We put her baby tun inside the big tub for a few times so that she got used to the idea, then made the switch.


mandee25 - February 18

I can't use my kitchen sink right now because I live in an old house and my kitchen is huge, therefore quite cold right now. In the summertime I could use it. My bathroom is very small and quite warm so I think I will try it there, maybe tomorrow night. As long as I keep it clean it should be ok. I do have a bath chair thingy from walmart Brittany. Thanks girls for responding.



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