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Ashley - August 30

Well I figured I would ask my question on thos section since you all have had babies. I had my daughter almost 5 months ago and I still have my tummy - I look pregnant. I was wondering if anyone else still had their tummy this long after and how long it took and what you did to get rid of it. Its really bothering me because I constantly get asked if I'm pregnant and its just so insulting! Also, I'm a pet_te girl and thin everywhere else except for my belly.


Jamie - August 30

I had my baby 3 weeks ago, and the tummy is mostly gone, except for a little *pooch*. Are you b___stfeeding? Cause I've lost around 40 pounds in 3 weeks, and that's all I've done. Try doing crunches/sit-ups with your baby on your chest. Or, if you're holding your baby up on your shoulder, like you're burping her, then lean back slightly, and tighten your ab muscles. Do that whenever you're just sitting with her. Keeping your ab muscles tight for a minute or two at a time, several times a day, works the muscles better than crunches/sit ups.


wenling - August 30

yes.. definitely b___stfeed. That's all i've done too and the tummy is mostly gone, save for a little. My baby is 4mths now.


monica - August 30

I think everyone is different. with my first b___st feeding acually made me gain weight because It would make me hungry and tired. I had to diet and exercise to lose the fat. Also it depends how much extra weight you gained during your pregnancy. If you gained more than you needed to then it might take longer to lose.


Ashley - September 1

Thanks for ypur responses. I'm actually not b___stfeeding. I really don't know why I have such a huge tummy still. Its so frustrating because I was always slim.


Alisha - September 1

My son is 7 months old and I still look 5 months pregnant. I feel your pain. And I have a friend who after her second child was twice as big as she was before and I could have swore she had another one still in the oven. You are not alone.


Ashley - September 1

Alisha, do you know the reason for our tummys being like this? Is it because of the weight we gained?


Jamie - September 2

Ashley and Alisha - Ashley already said she's not b___stfeeding, and I bet you're not, either, Alisha...Anyway, b___stfeeding causes your uterus to contract, so it returns to its original shape more quickly. After all, it got stretched to the size of a watermelon over the last several months - that's a lot of abuse for one poor organ to take! I'm not sure how to contract it without b___stfeeding - maybe try Kegels? But, anyway, that's probably at least part of the reason you think you still look pregnant - your uterus is still stretched out. Maybe call your OB and ask about getting it back down to its original size?


CEM - September 2

i'm b___stfeeding and STILL look slightly pregnant. my babies were all big, and with the first two it took me at least a year to lose the tummy. ashley and alisha - did you also have larger babies? the loose skin and belly from pregnancy is very hard to target, b___stfeeding helps but will not eliminate the belly on its own.


N - September 2

I say this ALOT, but it really does work.. PILATES! I'm sorry, but i love them. Their main target areas are mainly the stomach, buns, thighs and hip areas.. Seriously, it takes 20min, you can do it every day, every other day, once or twice a week, whatever, but after about 20 sessions you will definately see the difference. The best part (i think) is that it doesn't build muscle, it tones them and loses fat. I did them every other day for about 6 weeks after my first baby was born, and my tummy was nicer than it was before i had the baby.


Ashley - September 2

Hi ladies, thanks for your responses. Its nice to hear that I'm not alone. I don't really have friends or family members who have had babies recently and the ones that I do know have all lost their tummies and comment about mine! I'm really self conscious of it and get a comment almost everytime I go anywhere. I actually have tried pilates but its so hard for me. It seems as though I have no strength in my abs anymore (had a c-section). To CEM, my baby was born at 6 lbs 8oz, so quite small. But then again I'm really tiny which makes my belly even more noticeable - lol. Well, thats all my complaining for the night! Thanks for listening!


N - September 3

it's ok ashley.. just keep working at it. I had a c-sec too, and i worked my A$$ off to get that belly down. Now i'm pregnant again and have to start from square one in a few months *sigh*


Alisha - September 3

No I didnt b___stfeed and my uterus is back to size and I only gained 25 pounds with my pregnancy. I was fairly thin before I got pregnant and postpartum got me to eating a lot more and exercizing less. And I think thats why I still have a little bit of a belly. Oh and CEM my baby weighed 6lb 15 oz. My friends and family say I look fine Im just self conscious. Thanks for the advice.


Jamie - September 3

In a turn for the more bizarre, my mother in law told me that I should wrap Saran Wrap around my belly when I go to sleep and that will flatten it...I'm not too interested but I thought I'd share in case someone else wants to give it a shot???



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