Tummy Roller

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Rhiannon - February 10

Arggggg! My dd is driving me crazy. She has absolutely perfected the roll from back to front, but when she gets there she can't figure out how to get back and she starts screaming. I can't put her to play on the floor because 2 seconds later, flip and scream. Sometimes I say, "too bad, you're staying there until you figure out how to roll back" but she just gets frustrated and gives up. I know she's close to rolling the other way, but I just wanted to vent. It is tiring, as I have twins and the other one wants attention too.


vonzo - February 10

I have the EXACT same problem! Minus the twin bit :o) My dd is shouting as i type because she keeps rolling over and getting stuck, i can barely get anything done with having to go flip her back over every 5 mins.....grrrr


jillianT - February 10

me too! naomi started rolling back to front, but can't seem to get front to back just yet, so every 5 mins (or less) i'm flipping her back over so she won't scream her little head off. she's also started putting her b___t up in the air and sort of walking her feet forward towards her stomach...once she gets to a certain spot the weight of her bottom knocks her over to the side and she gets upset again. it's sad because she can't hold her weight on her arms so when she's pushing forward w/ her feet she's smashing her face onto the blanket. it's what i imagine it would look like if a person w/ no movement in their arms tried to crawl. does this mean crawling isn't too far off? (i certainly hope not!!)


vonzo - February 10

my dd is doing that too jillian t, and when you flip her over she always has drool and snot averywhere its so gross lol. My mums started "being her arms" and trying to teach her to crawl by moving them for her when she moves her legs.the poor wee thing is just getting SO frustrated. I don't know if it's doing any good but i'll let you know :o)



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