Tummy Sleeper

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CherishCayleigh - June 14

Since my babe went into her own bed (3.5 months) I have been letting her sleep on her tummy (she is now 5 months).... my mom said that it is nothing to worry about, after all I slept on my tummy... but the problem that i am having is that nurses and doc's all say dont and they make you think that if you let them sleep on their tummy that you will kill them.... what are your thoughts on tummy sleeping??


P - June 14

My daughter sems to prefer her tummy too. Have you tried flipping her a while after you've put her to bed? My daughter sleeps in my bed with me normally but I"m going to try her sleeping in her crib in her room tonight. I've already put her in there on her tummy and I'm going to go flip her over in a minute. I'll let you know how it goes.


P - June 14

Btw I'm really freaked about SIDS because I had an uncle die of it. I don't know if it runs in the family or anything but I'm still worried.


Jbear - June 15

My daughter could roll over before she was 5 months. Our pediatician said as long as she was rolling over on her own, she was strong enough to sleep on her stomach. We still put her on her back, but she would roll over and over until she was against the side of the crib, on her tummy, looking out at us.


CherishCayleigh - June 15

Yeah I am freaked about sids too, i think that is the biggest reason that she slept with me. Thanks for that flipping over idea, lemme know how that goes.... goodnight ; )


P - June 15

Okay, so the first flipping over mission was aborted. She woke up and started flailing so I flipped her back and she went back to sleep and then I ran out of the room. lol What a wuss. I was then going to wait until she woke to eat but she didn't seem to want to wake any time soon. I put her down at 7pm and she eventually got up to eat at 1am!! It would have been nice if I hadn't been hovering over her and poking her every five minutes. I couldn't take it any more so I did go in and flip her over and what do ya know? she stayed there and didn't wake up! I did the same thing today for her nap. I put her on her tummy and only a few minutes later I flipped her over and she stayed asleep. I'm very pleased. We'll see how long she stays asleep.



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