Tummy Sleeping Hlep

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pueppschen - October 8

hi, baby is days short of 4 months, and today in her sleep she rolled over to her tummy. if i turn her over she would wake up. she still sleepsin her basinett so that is not a problem but i am planning to put her in crib... so would that pose a problem? sleeping on her tummy? would it make her choke? thanks a ton


kristine - October 8

Hello! My son also started doing this around 4 months. The pediatrician said that once they can roll over onto their tummies there is no controlling how they sleep (back or belly). She advised us to make sure we had bumpers and everything else out of the crib...nothing in crib except for a fitted sheet and the baby. My son has been sleeping on his belly for over a month now, and he is fine....he actually sleeps better that way!


aliciavr6 - October 8

My dd has been sleeping on her belly since two months. Bad, I know, but the only way she'd sleep! She can roll from her belly to her back though, but not from her back to her belly.


Kelly11 - October 8

My ds has also been sleeping on his tummy since 4 weeks (he's now 4 months yesterday actually). It was the ONLY way we could get him to sleep and not just cry. Once we rolled him on his tum, it was like a dream! He can roll now from belly to back and won't go back to sleep when he's on his back...but he's been fine and I just make sure he doesn't have any blankets in there with him now that he scoots himself all over.


aliciavr6 - October 9

ha Kelly my dd is the same way. I have to keep going in there sometimes to roll her back onto her belly because she will absolutely not sleep on her back, she will just lay there making sounds, and once I walk up to her crib, she starts laughing, as if to say "i win!!"


jessica72 - October 10

Yes, I wouldn't worry about it. My DD has been rolling onto her tummy as of 4 months and the first time I found her like that in her crib, I got scared, but she slept more soundly that way than ever. Doctor said it's fine since they have the neck strength to move their head to the side. Also, it's supposed to help them release gas better since it puts pressure on their tummy. She'll be fine. :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 10

My daughter is 6 weeks, she HAS to be laying on me in order to fall asleep. I put her on her back and lay her down once she is asleep. But the only way to put her to sleep is if she is laying on my chest. She picks up her head already and its a good thing she hates laying face down. I know my sisters kids never moved their head side ways


guccigal87 - October 10

my son slept on his tummy since he was born actually... and we have no problems.. he is now a healthy 8 months.. and still sleeps on his tummy .. and if you lay him on his back he rollsw on his side soo i wouldnt worry as long as your baby is comfy


ImpatientMommy - October 12

I don't think it is a problem, if that's the way she likes to sleep then so be it! I don't think there is much you can do and I think at this age they will be fine. It's different than like a 2 week old sleeping on their tummy ya know?



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