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Heidi - November 18

At my daughter's four week appt our doctor said to start putting her on her tummy for some tummy time. She hates it! She just screams and cries. I only do it for a few minutes as I don't want her to get so upset. Anyone else have this problem? When she lays on my chest she really picks her head up good and when she's sitting in my lap she's got pretty good control but I don't want her development to get behind.


Tanya - November 18

My 16 week old hates it too and so he has never had much tummy time till recently (also has acid reflux so spits up a lot and was putting his face into it during tummy time so I really didnt give him much at all!)! I was worried about development as well - he still hasnt turned over but looks like he is getting close so I dont think it put him too far behind! He has always had a lot of on the chest time though.


chelsey - November 18

My son is 4 months and cries bloody murder when I put him on his tummy still! He knows what to do when he's on his tummy, like how to not just smash his face into the floor! He just hates it! I keep putting him on his tummy though, not because I'm mean, but because sooner or later he'll get the idea to roll over, I'm hoping! He's almost rolling over now, but only because he's so mad from me putting him on his tummy that he looks like he's trying to get away from me!


Heidi - November 18

Ha ha! I hate the way Emma looks at me screaming like I'm the most horrible mom in the world!


Chelsey - November 18

Gabriel gets drool all over his cheeks, and lets out these little barks! I find it funny though and some times laugh, because I know its not hurting him! His older sister yells at me, "Stop that! He doesn't like it!"


JB - November 18

Heidi, if you want a good laugh, my son (3 weeks old) hates being on his back. He screams until I put him on his belly. It just seems I can't win.


franki - November 18

My 4 month old can take a couple of minutes on his tummy and then he starts getting mad and looking at me all pitiful and crying! He really knows how to push my b___tons! lol :) And he can roll over, but he doesn't most of the time, he just looks at me like I'm being sooo mean to him!


Steven's Mom - November 18

My son hated being on his stomach! When he was 3 1/2 months he learned to go from his back to his belly. Ever since he has slept on his stomach. Now when I put him on the floor he just keeps rolling and rolling it's pretty funny.In time your baby with like being on her tummy,good luck


Shannon - November 18

my 3 1/2 week old doesn't like being on her stomach much either. she lifts her head too, which surprised me how early she's done it cuz i thought it was supposed to be a while to develop, not something that's there practically since birth. does you baby try to sorta stand up when on ur lap too?


sam - November 18

thank you for this post...my son does the same thing...i try to put him on his tummy at least 2 times a day (since he was two weeks--he's now 13.5)...he's okay for a little while but when he starts moving (looks like he's trying to do the "snake" from the eighties) he starts crying! i don't know what to do, i want him to strengthen his muscles up there but i hate it when he cries! he just looks so pitiful and i am weak i suppose, i pick him up a little while after. and my son does hold his head up really well when i have him sitting on my lap or he's laying down on my chest so i guess that's just as good...i just can't wait until he rolls over, i'm so anxious about him hitting milestones within the recommended time, i need to keep telling myself that all babies are different and my son is exceptional regardless! by the way, do ya'll think they will get flat heads from being on their backs often?? that has me a little paranoid.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Lucas hates being on his belly most often. He has reflux and it makes him puke. If it has been a few hours since his last bottle, he does like to nap on his belly. He doesn't have a flat head, but then again all we do is hold him since he is a crab......


Tami - November 19

It varies with Kailey. Sometimes she will let out her little cries telling me that she is mad at me, but I have found if I give her the pacifier she will do it for about five minutes. Last night she was playing with it! We had it face up (a soothie) and she would open her mouth and pick it up and drop it again, then do it all over! It was a game. I tried to help her keep it in and she got mad at me, that's when I knew it was a game.


Jamie - November 19

Serenity hated tummy time til I got her a tummy time mat from Amazon.com (the Infantino Surfboard Tummy Time Mat)...I put her on that, and she was okay with it, but would keep falling asleep - so I changed when I gave her tummy time. Now, she goes on the mat immediately after she nurses, so she's awake and happy - and it helps her with gas. At her last checkup, the doctor said she was slightly ahead of schedule developmentally, since she can hold herself up with her arms, so that her chest is completely off the ground, and she's only 3 months.


Heidi - November 19

I have Emma on a whinne the pooh play mat and she just buries her face in it and cries. Thank god she doesn't have tears yet or I'd probably be bawling right along with her. ha ha! I like to make her lay on her belly though cus it helps her with gas also. She's so strong! Her kicks are deadly! If I stand her up on my lap she'll let me put he weight on them and she holds up pretty good. If I burp her on my lap she has pretty good head control too. She'll let me lay her on my chest without much of a fuss but I dread putting her on her belly. Ha ha!



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