Tummy Time

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Kellly K - December 5

When do babies need to start having tummy time? I have a 3 week old that already likes to move her head around when she's laying on our chest. Just curious when the actual time is supposed to start.


Narcissus - December 5

I was told to start tt in the hospital a couple days after birth.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 5

I was going to say the same thing as Narcissus. But my son has a hard time with tummy time since he has reflux, it makes him spit sometimes, so I do it for him a few hours after he has eaten so he won't be as uncomfortable.


Jamie - December 5

I started it right away with Renity; at first, it was just laying her on my chest to sleep; then when she was able to hold her head up, I put her on my bed, or on a blanket on the floor...when she started being able to push up with her arms, I bought her a tummy time mat.


r - December 5

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what do they do during "tummy time"? Just lay there and move their heads? I'm just curious, my son is 2 weeks and I was wondering when I should do it to.


Jbear - December 5

They practice picking up their heads, first at a 45 degree angle, then higher, and turning the head from side to side. This helps their muscles get strong enough that they can support their own heads. Then they start learning to lift their chests off the floor, gaining the muscles they will need to sit up. Then they'll start rolling over, and eventually scooting and then crawling around. Not all babies like tummy time...my older girl loved it, but my baby screams every time I roll her over. She's learned to hold her head up, even though she's had almost no tummy time (about five minutes five times a day, until her screams of misery get to me and I flip her back over).


Zack's mom - December 6

I am still 'iffy' on the tummy time thing... that it's effective for the neck and back development (correct me if I am wrong on this). I just asked my mom if she does tummy time for us and she said "What's tummy time?". I explained to her how it's done and for what reason. She gave me a funny look and said nope. Then it hit me.. is it really effective for the neck dev. after all the crying and fussing from the baby?? Afterall, my siblings and I grew up ok.


Jamie - December 6

Not all babies fuss and cry during tummy time. Some cry, some play, some go to sleep. Mine plays - she only screams when she's on her tummy if she's tired, because she hates sleeping on her tummy. So, no, you're probably not going to delay your baby's development by NOT doing tummy time, but doing tummy time doesn't hurt, either.



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