Tummy Time And Other Developmental Questions

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Tanya - October 26

My son is almost 3 months and does not get a huge amount of tummy time due to acid reflux and abundance of spitting up. When I put him down for tummy time, a lot of his time is spent with his head buried into the mat and he is trying to suck on it......is this "normal" or should I be concerned? As well, no matter where the stimulation, he tends to look right whether he is being held or is sitting, he can look left so there is nothing physically wrong but I thought it was a little odd that he usually looks right. Again, anyone else? And then lastly, when he is borderline fussy and has just calmed down, he doesnt like to be held...again, this worries me because I always imagine that babies should be happiest when being held. Maybe he is getting too overstimulated and that is why he seems to be looking right (maybe he is looking away from things?) and maybe if he has had enough, it is too stimulating to be held??? How can you tell this is my first child......


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

Hi Tanya, I have a 2 month old with reflux and he does not like being on his belly due to it. But he sucks and licks whatever is under him when put on his belly. He can lift his head but is just too busy trying to suck on things, he loves his hands, he can finally get them in his mouth. I would a__sume this is normal. A doctor actually told me babies prefer to look to the right a lot, not sure why. My son looks away when he is overstimulated. Mine wants to be held 24-7 as he is colicky, so not sure about the not wanting to be held thing, but I would imagine some babies could get tired of being held. He is probably just fine, they are all just so different, they definitely keep us on our toes wondering and worrying don't they? He is my first too and I question nearly everything. Most of the time it is all normal baby stuff and I realize that I need to relax a little. It's hard though


Toya - October 26

Hey Tanya. Asjani started burying her face into the floor at about 3 months...instead of trying to eat the floor she buries her face into the floor in an attempt to move now. I think that might be pretty normal.


Tanya - October 26

Thanx very much Rachael - that is quite reasuring - always good to hear that someone understands!!!! Speaking of reflux, what does Lucas sleep? Andrew has to sleep in this big wedge thing.....


Tanya - October 26

And thank you Toya! As I say, it is so reasuring to hear that other babies are doing the same thing!


BBK ® © - October 26

Something a pediatrician friend told us to do about reflux: Don't burp the baby right away after feeding, but try to hold them upright while you're sitting for 5 to 10 minutes. Seems to help. Also for tummy time you can try a nursing pillow for extra help


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 26

Instead of putting him down on a mat or blanket, put him belly down on your lap. It will help build his neck muscles and he wont have anything to bury his face in. That is how we started Amaya and when we put her down now she never puts her face in the floor. Once he has neck control down bounce your legs so that he has to keep his balance. IT worked very well for Amaya!


KH - October 26

i heard that they naturally look to the right. My friend told me to put the mobile on the right side of the crib for this reason. my son does the same exact thing. what is he trying to suck on? his thumb? my son buries his face in the mat. About the being held thing... not sure b/c my son loves to be held all the time...


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

Tanya, we raised one side of his crib mattress and changing table pad, I don't have a wedge. Mostly he sleeps with me because we get no sleep any other way and I keep his head raised higher than his body. He gets cereal in his bottle to keep the stomach contents down and takes zantac. Seems to help. Does your son take medication?


Tanya - October 26

Yeah, he is on the same as yours. I am looking forward to when he outgrows the wedge - it will be nice to put him into bed at night without him having to be velcroed in!


Tanya - October 26

Dont get me wrong, he does like to be held, but sometimes, if he is kinda borderline cranky he would rather be in his chair than be held which is why I thought it might be that he is overstimulated. LOL, just realizing that my original posting sounded like he never likes to be held!!!


jorden - October 28

hi, my son just turned 4 months old and seriousley, i think he's been on his tummy maybe 10 times. He ALWAYS spits up...A LOT. Even if it was 3 hours after eating...everything would come right back up. But he has learned to roll over from his back to his stomach and the doctor said some will do that and its perfectly normal. They have him on zantac but he still spits up. Have you asked the doctor about him turning his head to the side? I dont think its anything to be worried about but i worry about everything being a first time mom:) good luck


Mommy - October 29

My 6 month old has a flat head on one side for that same reason. He liked to look in one direction but he could look in the other, he just didn't like to. I usually tried to put things of interest to the opposite drection so if he wanted to see it he had to turn his head. My son isn't very interest in being held either. Oh and they love to suck on things while on their stomach...hands, the blanket, a toy that somehow gets under them, anything. HJope this helps.



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