Tummy Time Crawling Question For 7 Month Old

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mommybabyboy21 - January 15

Ok, my son HATES tummy time always have. Well for the first three months he couldn't be on his tummy because of him being in a cast. and by the time I started tummy time he quickly learn to roll over. so anytime I put him on his tummy he rolls to his back. I tried putting a pillow on either side of him and he can roll up those too so that he is on his back. When he is sitting and gets tired instead of falling back he will fall forward and then roll to his back....any suggestions on getting him on his belly so he can crawl. I sometimes put him on all fours instead of straight to his tummy he holds himself for 30 seconds laughs and doesn't even go to his tummy from that position goes straight to his back!!!


RLWilcox - January 15

Hi mommy, I'm sure you have heard to put toys in front of him, My son never cared about the toys but maybe you can get an activity mat OR I heard somewhere and it worked for us, Put him on the bed or couch (with you next to it so he wont roll off) maybe if he can see whats going on that may help him. My Lo HATED tummy time I think it was because he couldn't see any of us or what was going on...Hope I helped.


JessC531 - January 15

Hi mommy. My dd is 5 months and she too hates tummy time. She always has. I try to get her to do it by putting toys in front of her, but that only distracts her for a minute or two. She's rolled from front to back a handful of times, but doesn't really know how to make herself do it (I think it just sort of happened the times she did it) so she'll just yell for me to pick her up. Sometimes if I lay down on the floor with her, on my tummy and facing her, she'll do a little better. But, I have heard of babies who never crawl - they go right to walking. My dd has really strong legs, and is always wanting to stand (with my help obviously). So maybe they'll just skip crawling! Who knows. :)


sphinx - January 15

My reasoning is that once they learn to roll over, then they have the abdominal strength already and don't really need the "tummy time" as much. Just let them play, I say! (lol... that rhymes!)


MelissaK - January 15

You know, I heard from multiple sources (non substantiated) that kids who do not crawl make poor readers. Apparently there is some sort of correlation.


mommybabyboy21 - January 15

I tried the toy thing he grabs the toy and then rolls over...I tried getting on the floor with him. My dr told me that when you crawl a connection in the brain happens so its important for him to crawl. My son is trying to go strait for walking too. He already lifts himself up and stands. and because of the castings he has really strong legs he used to throw his legs all over the place and those cast weight 1/2 pound...so he has really strong thigh muscles.


iemc19 - January 15

I really don't think tummy time is essential...and the non crawling /poor reader thing sounds like one of those myths people say to make you do something that they feel is inportant...My eldest 3 children hated tummy time...NEVER crawled - my 3rd actually walked freely at 9 months...and my oldest 2 are in the top % of their cla__s/year (the next has just turned 4 and is the process of learning to read) Of course on the flip side..my 4th child is also my 1st child to crawl!!


MelissaK - January 15

Hey - I just tried this on my 4mo and she loved it! I took this off a web site: Step one... place your baby on his/her stomach on a carpet on the floor. Step two... gently hold Baby by the elbows and encourage supporting him/herself on elbows. Continue to provide support. Step three... measure, or try to get some measure of the distance between the floor and Baby's armpit in the supported position. Step four... get a roller with approximately the same diameter as you've just measured. Rollers are soft cylindrical shaped toys... preferably firm. You do get inflatable ones, but firm, dense ones normally last much longer and can also be a valuable aid to get Baby to sit and walk. The roller will be placed underneath Baby's upper body for support. It's important that you don't buy the roller too big. Baby's elbows must still reach the floor when lying over the roller. Click here to see how easy it is to make a baby crawling roller . Step five... put the roller underneath Baby's upper body... elbows touching the ground in front of the roller. This supported position also allow Baby to lift his/her head and discover the surroundings. Step six... get down on the floor directly in front of Baby, face towards Baby. Now, let Baby look at your face while you talk to, amuse and encourage Baby to lift his head and take part in the conversation. Step six is the most important step of this activity. And... Baby will surely endure longer sessions and crawl sooner if it's enjoyable. Remember, Baby should focus on you and naturally develop a sense of using both legs for support. In no time you'll see Baby supporting the upper body on straight arms and bearing weight on both knees... ready to crawl. The power of a roller lies in helping to raise Baby's upper body and to look at the surrounding... all while lying down.


MelissaK - January 15

I made the roller out of a towel with tape around it. She was smiling and moved forward, her legs were pushing from behind. This was my first try with this approach!


wailing - January 16

I think at 7 months after they learn to roll over it's not as neccesary to have "tummy time". As for crawling...some babies are never crawlers (I wasn't) and go straight to walking and standing. I guess u can keep trying, but let him have the freedom to roll around if he wants. That strengthens his muscles alot.


MNMOM - January 16

i would say always put him down on his tummy and what he chooses to do from there just let it be what it is. My oldest son hated tummy time too and never crawled but figured out he could get around just fine by scooting on his b___t and he is smart as a whip and just fine so don't swet the small stuff :)


excited2bemama - January 16

I agree... don;t sweat it. My 7.5 month old always rolls over to her back too. its easier for them to play with toys etc.. on their back. I would put him on his belly and let him do what he wants. If he rolls just leave him...


sphinx - January 16

that crawling/reading thing is just an old wives tale. The reason babies are crawling less is because we put them to sleep on their backs. We used to put them on their tummies and they developed the ab strength sooner. So a lot of babies are scooting or rolling and then skip crawling and go right to walking. Its normal, its all normal. If your baby doesn't want to crawl, its ok as long as he or she is moving around in some other way. One of my twins stood before she crawled! And I think the only reason she did crawl at all was because she had a crawling twin sister and it probably looked like a good idea.


Val - January 17

I'm glad you asked this question, as I have the same issue! Maybe I'll try the roller thing. I guess my dh never crawled, so maybe our ds is just taking after him. (and fyi... dh is a non-stop reader!)


ginger6363 - January 17

oh, just wanted to chime in that my dh nvr crawled (according to his mom) and he's an avid reader---harvard-educated lawyer! It's totally a myth!



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