Tumy Time

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Felisha - January 14

i laid my dd on her tumy for tummy time last night and she just lays her face in the floor. its not that she cant lift her head its that she wont when she is o her tummy. it was weird. when did you star putting your little ones on tummy time?


BriannasMummy - January 14

I have been putting my dd in tummy time since she was about a 2 weeks old. She hates being in tummy time.. so every time i put her there.. she rolls over onto her back and coos and looks at everything. If only i could figure out how to keep her in tummy time!! ~Kristin~


Alison - January 14

I've been trying to give my DD tummy time for ages (she's 4 months on Tuesday) and every time it is a failure as she just cries and hates it. Have tried doing it on my tummy, on a blanket on the floor, entertaining her with her favourite rattle toy etc etc but she just doesn't like it. She is great at holding up her head and has generally great posture almost sitting on her own. Maybe as she gets bigger she will take to it more. How old is your DD? Maybe it will just take a few more weeks :-)


Dawn - January 14

I had the same problem with my dd. She hated tummy time and would just scream so I stopped putting her on her tummy around 3 months old. My dd is 5 1/2 months old and a few weeks ago she started to roll over and now she loves tummy time. Some babies do hate to be on their tummies, Just give your baby some time and I'm sure she will love it soon.


Felisha - January 14

she doesnt scream or anything she just wont move her face out of the blanket i lay on the floor. when she lays on my belly she holds her head up and moves it around and stares at things but i cannot get her to do this on her own. she is not interested in any of the toys i have for her and just lays her face on the floor and is quiet as can be.


CaliTrish - January 14

Do you put your dd's arm/elbows under/in front of her? (Make a little triangle like she's praying.) Our ped did this at our ds's 2-month visit. He held his head up really high for 20 secs (longest ever). I've been doing this everytime we do tummy time. It seems to help him hold his head up better than with his arms out to his sides. The better he holds his head up, the happier he seems. Eventually, he gets tired and his head starts drooping. But at 14 weeks, he can keep his head up for 10-15 minutes or so.


ash2 - January 14

Every child is different. My oldest hated tummy time and didnt roll over untill he was almost 5 months ! Then my second loved tummy time and was doing it at one month old ! Rolling over completly by himself by 3 months.


krc - January 15

Hmm, Ethan hated tummy time. If I gave him TT, all he would do was lay there and scream. But then, over the holidays, when I was out of town, my MIL got Ethan one of those colorful small carpets with a racetrak print on it. So I decided to lay it on the living room floor ( which is capeted ), and give Ethan some TT. He hated it but I persisted. Every morning, within 20 minutes of him waking up...when he is in his best and happy-go-lucky baby mood of the day, I would give him TT on this new rug. At 1st he didn't have the strength. He looked like a seal floppin around while getting mad, LOL ! But after 3 short weeks his muscles grew so strong that he can now roll ( intentionally ) from tummy to back. He is also trying very hard to go from back to tummy, he just always gets stuck on his arm and hasn't figured out yet how to move it, LOL ! I have seen soo much improvement in his strength and developement since I started with the tummy time. Only about 2-5 minutes a day..or until he started to cry. I started the tummy time a few days before he turned 5 months. It's been 4 weeks now and he likes it more and more now that he is strong enough to hold his head.


dee23 - January 15

i havent read any of the other posts, but to get ds to get used to tummy time, i would put on his favorite dvd and he would keep his head up for that.


Angiconda - January 15

ds has a hard time with tummy time too her hates it but I still try to do it at least 1 time per day I usually try to just give him 5 minutes a few times per day but some days it is such a struggle. You could try having some toys down there to get her to lift her head that always works for ds and it keeps him happy for a few extra minutes.


Felisha - January 15

thanks for the advice ladies. i have tried the toys and she doesnt pay attention to the tv when it is on so i guess that she just isnt ready


lexa - January 15

My son loved tummy time and rolled over at 3 months. Now this time, my dd HATES it! She too lays with her face on the floor and after a couple of minutes, cries as though you pinched her! She won't try to roll. She will lift her head only for a short time. If we hold her up though, she holds her head just fine. She just hates tummy time. We only do it once or twice a day for about 5 minutes (all she will tolerate).


preggosauce - January 15

My DD HATED tummy time as well. I'd lay her down and she'd just plant her face in the floor and wouldn't move. I started rolling up a towel and putting it under her arms so at least her face wouldn't be in her blanket. The towel made a HUGE difference. She actually started enjoying tummy time. Then one day I laid her on the floor and she jlifted her little head like she'd been doing it the whole time. Just give you lo time...and maybe try the towel thing.


trace081 - January 17

I was just wandering if any one had any suggestion on how to get my 4 month old baby to roll from her tummy to back. She has no problems rolling from her back to her tummy but once she is there she is happy but then get grumpy because she can't roll back so we have to help her. Any suggestion would be great



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