Turning Around The Car Seat

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starlight_94 - October 5

My ds is 8 months old and a big boy 21lbs and 32 inches...when is it safe to turn around his car seat?? He HATES being in the car and has screamd non stop since he was born when he comes anywhere near the seat. I know they say 22lbs or a year old, does it have to be both or whichever comes first? Obvioulsly his safety is most important,but I am going CRAZY in the house and very "un"- useful when I cant do anything all day long...your suggestions would be nice.


DDT - October 5

Law states both 22lbs & a year old. Sorry! Have you tried to entice the seat with toys and a kick toy?


starlight_94 - October 5

I have all the toys in the world back there...so many santa could supply the world, doesnt work!! Guess I'll wait another 4 months to go grocery shopping!! uggh


spamanda - October 6

Yeah, he has to be BOTH one year and 20 lbs as far as I know. My friend's daughter is 18 mos. and STILL hasn't hit 20 lbs.... so she's still facing backwards. lol. (Is the weight limit different in different places??? just curious....) That really sucks that he doesn't like the car. I hope you find something that works for you. ~spam


andy - October 7

oh ... I´m sorry but is it ok to be facing foward from 10 kg up?? Because my dd is 6 months and 19.5 lbs so I don´t think she will be getting to the 1 year mark under 22 lbs , but she is definitelly not stable enought to get the next car seat ! : )


MNMOM - October 8

they have said for a long time that you should not turn the seat until the baby is 12 months old AND 20 pounds. If he hits 20 pounds prior to 12 months, you should still wait until 12 months. Last week on the news was a big story about how they are changing the recommendation to keep the infants rear-facing FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, even if that means a rear-facing seat that is not the carrier, etc. The seats absorb the impact from a crash much better in the rear-facing position.



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